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IELTS Academic Writing Task 1: two different pie charts with model answers

This is an IELTS Academic Writing post on sample answers for two Task 1 topics. In this post, you have the answers to a single pie chart about book sales and three pie charts on job openings in three cities over a course of time. One of the answers is the contribution of one of my students and the other one is written by me. Hopefully, the answers will work as guidelines for you to write Task 1 answers easily and effectively.

So, let’s have a look at the first picture.

Here is the title.

The pie chart shows the percentage of sales made in different genres by a bookstore in 2017.

Model Answer:

The displayed pie chart is a clear illustration of sales that occurred in different categories of books in a bookstore in 2017. Overall, it is evident that the maximum share of the total sales goes to the horror and romance genres, while the minimum goes to poetry.

As is observed in the chart, the highest proportion of the total book sales was for horror books which was 30% while a quarter proportion of the sales was for romantic books. Moreover, drama books occupied 15% of the total sales which was also 15% lower than the maximum one. The sales were one-tenth proportion of religious books and the rate of sales was 5% smaller than drama books.

The bookstore earned only 2% from its selling of poetry books which was the tiniest figure in the chart. It also earned 5% more from books on health than poetry books. It is further observed that the sales of the bookstore were equal for travel books and books in other genres which were 3%.

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This model answer for the given pie chart is contributed to this blog by Alvi Tabassum.

Ieltsdeal authority appreciates her contribution and wishes her all the best.


Now let’s have a look at the next Task 1 picture.

The pie charts compare the percentage of job openings in the IT sector in three major cities of the world in three different timelines.

Model answer:

The pie charts compare the percentages of job openings in the IT sector in three major cities of the earth in three different terms. Overall, it is clearly visible that employment opportunities in the IT sector in Beijing dominate over two other cities.

As is seen in the charts, job openings in the IT sector were 45% for both Beijing and London in the 2001-2005 sessions. During the same period, only 10% of the job was available in New Delhi.

In the next timeline, the rate of job opportunities did not change at all for Beijing City but it went down slowly to 40% in 2011-2015 terms. With regards to New Delhi, a sharp development was observed from 10% to a quarter during 2006-2010 which further progressed to 35% in the following years. As far as London was concerned, a declining trend was detected in the charts. Job openings in this particular city fell down by 15% in the 2006-2010 terms which went down even more to 25% only in the 2011-2015 sessions.

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These answers are two of the many possible ways to write. Candidates should try their best to read as much model answers as they can so that they become aware of the language, grammar, vocabularies and other aspects which contribute to the Writing band score.

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