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IELTS Life Skills: Level A1 & B1; Speaking & Listening Phase 1A, 1B and 2B; basic questions with answers

IELTS Life Skills: Level A1 & B1; Speaking & Listening Phase 1A, 1B and 2B; basic questions with answers

If you have managed to see the sample test paper for IELTS Life Skills Level A1 and B1, you have to answer some basic questions in a variety of areas such as name, nationality, work/study, where candidates live, free time activities and other basic topics for PHASE 1A and 1B while in PHASE 2B you have to discuss with your exam partner on a given topic related to the listening recording played in Phase 2A. So, it is mandatory for you to take a great preparation here. Keeping this in mind, this post is designed to help you prepare well for both Phase 1A, 1B and 2B. In this post you will find some important questions which are directly related to Phase 1A, 1B and 2B. All the questions also contain sample answers which can easily guide you to get your expected result.

Remember that these questions and answers are just some basic ideas for you. You can change any answer according to your situation. The most vital matter about these questions is that YOU MUST PRACTICE THEM otherwise you can’t answer the questions. So, you should try to practice the questions and answers as you instructor suggests, if you want to get success in IELTS Life Skills.

Questions on basic information with sample answers:

*Tell me in brief about you. / Would you say something about yourself? / Please tell me shortly about yourself. / Can you tell me about yourself?


To say perfectly about yourself, you can use the following method:

Name, Age, Nationality, Origin, Profession, Location, Likes & Dislikes.

Answer: My name’s Najibur Rasul. My friends and family call me Najib. I’m 33 years old. I’m Bangladeshi. I was born in Sylhet. I’m an English language teacher. I live in Moulvibazar. I like reading, photography and playing cricket. I don’t like boring and pessimistic people.


My name’s Mushfiqa Rahman. My friends and family call me Liza. I’m 27 years old. I’m Bangladeshi. I was born in Dhaka. I’m a homemaker. I live in Moulvibazar with my in-laws. I like listening to music, photography and doing social networking. I don’t like boring and pessimistic people. I also hate eve-teasers.


  1. Can you tell me your name? May I ask your name? What’s your name please?

Answer: Yes, my name is Najibur Rasul / Mushfiqa Rahman.

  1. Do you have any nick name? What’s your short name/ nick name?

Answer: Yes, you can call me Najib / Liza.

  1. What’s your family name? / What’s your surname?

Answer: My family name / surname is Rasul/ Rahman.

  1. Could you tell me your spouse’s name? / What’s your wife’s / husband’s name?

Answer: Yes, my spouse’s name is Liza/ Najib.

  1. What’s your father’s name?

Answer: My father’s name is Mr. Hamidur Rasul/ Mohammad Abdur Rahman.

  1. What’s your mother’s name?

Answer: My mother’s name is Mrs. Syeda Shamsunnahar/ Mrs. Bilkis Akther.

Age/ Date of Birth/ Address/ Profession:

  1. How old are you?

Answer: I’m 27. / I’m 27 years old.

  1. Do you mind if I ask how old you are?

Answer: Not at all. I’m 27.

  1. Could / Can you tell me your date of birth, please?

Answer: Sure, it’s 21st December, 2001.

  1. Where do you live at present?

Answer: I live in Sylhet/ Moulvibazar/ Sunamgonj/ Hobigonj.

Or, I live in a small village of Sylhet/ Moulvibazar/ Sunamgonj/ Hobigonj.

  1. Do you live in your native village/ hometown?

Answer: Yes/ No.

  1. How long have you been living there?

Answer: I’ve been living there since my birth. / I’ve been living there for 10 years now.

  1. What’s your job/ profession/ occupation? / Do you have a job?

Answer: I’m a homemaker/ student/ private service holder/ government employee/teacher.

  1. Do you like your present job? Are you satisfied with your job?

Answer: Yes, I really enjoy my job.

  1. Is your workplace close to where you live?

Answer: Yes, it’s a walking distance. / Well, it’s not very close yet not very far. I go there by my car / a CNG. It takes about half an hour.

About your family:

  1. How many members are there in your family? / How many members do you have in your family? / How many people are there in your family?

Answer: Well, I have only 4 members in my family. / In my family there are 10 members.

  1. How many siblings do you have? / How many brothers and sisters do you have?

Answer: I’m the only issue of my parents. / I have a sister and two brothers.

  1. What’s your father? / What does your father do?

Answer: My father is a businessman/ teacher/ service holder/ government employee.

  1. What’s your mother? / What does your mother do?

Answer: My mother is a homemaker/ teacher/ government employee.

  1. What do you generally/ usually do with your family when you are at home?

Answer: Generally we pass our free time gossiping about different family matters, taking food and watching TV programs or films.

  1. Do you have any kids/ children?

Answer: No, not yet./ Yes, I have a boy and a girl.

Leisure time activities / hobbies:

  1. What do you do when you’re free for sometime? / What do you do in your free/ leisure time? / What are some of your leisure time activities?

Answer: Usually, I pass my free time with my family. We go out together, have dinner in a nice restaurant or play different games. /I like to listen to music/ read books/ do some gardening in my free time. / I like to do exercises in my free time.

  1. Do you like to listen to music?

Answer: Yes, I like to listen to different types of songs. / Yes, I love Islamic songs/ gazals/ nasheeds.

  1. Do you watch TV sometimes? What’s your favourite TV programme?

Answer: Yes, sometimes I watch TV programmes. I like short films/ movies/ daily soaps/ magazine programmes.

  1. Do you visit some beautiful places in your free time?

Answer: Yes, I like to do some travelling and recently I’ve been to Bisnakandi, a beautiful tourist location of Sylhet division.

  1. Do you like to read books?

Answer: Yes I do. I like to read adventure books and love stories.

  1. Do you get some free time for doing physical exercise?

Answer: Yes, I do physical exercise early in the morning. I do walking, running, stretching and swimming.

  1. What’s your hobby?

Answer: My hobby is playing cricket/ football. / My hobby is cooking/ reading books/ listening to music/ visiting different places.

  1. Is hobby important?

Answer: Of course, it’s very important. Having a hobby lets us to feel comfortable. It also entertains us and makes our mind relaxed.

  1. Do you like photography? Is it a hobby in your country?

Answer: Yes, I love photography very much. And yes, it is one of the most popular hobbies around the world now. Many people are even taking this as a part-time or full-time job.

  1. Do you like travelling?

Answer: Yes, I like to visit new places.

  1. What kinds of places do you like most?

Answer: I like natural places most. I love trees and grasslands. I prefer village or country life to urban places.

  1. Have you ever visited any foreign country?

Answer: No, I haven’t yet. But I’m planning to visit Maldives and Nepal soon with my spouse. / Yes, I’ve been to India and Thailand just a couple of months ago.

  1. Do you think all of us should travel different places? Why?

Answer: Yes, I think we all should visit some new and unknown places sometimes. It’s because it removes monotony and gives us new experience. It makes our mind relaxed.

Favourite things/ matters:

  1. What’s your favourite food? Why?

Answer: My favourite food is rice with fish. It’s a very common dish of my country. I love it because it’s tasty and healthy.

  1. What’s your favourite colour? Why?

Answer: My favourite colour is black/ pink/ red/ paste colour. I like it because any black/ pink/ red/ paste colour cloth suits me perfectly.

  1. What’s your favourite music/song? Why?

Answer: My favourite music or song is a local Sylheti song called ‘Matiro pinjirar majhe’. It’s composed by a very famous poet of Sylhet Hason Raja. I like this song because it is about the eternal life. 

  1. What’s your favourite place to visit? Why?

Answer: I like to visit any natural and green place without any buildings and landmarks. Because it makes me feel relaxed.

  1. What’s your favourite time of the day? Why?

Answer: My most favourite time of the day is early morning time. It’s because the environment remains very calm and quite. (There is no sound of traffic. Only birds sing and gentle breeze blows at this time.)

  1. What’s your favourite cloth/dress? Why?

Answer: I like wear light cloths with bright colours because I feel comfortable this way.

  1. What’s your favourite season? Why?

Answer: My favourite season is summer season. It’s because in this season the sun shines brightly and I love to eat ripe summer fruits.


I love the rainy season. It’s because I like rain and clouds very much. Rain makes the environment green.


I like winter season very much. It’s because in this season the weather is cool and I can wear different types of dresses. I also like to eat winter cakes.

  1. What’s your favourite TV programme? Why?

Answer: My favourite TV programme is a magazine programme named ‘Ittadi’. It’s shown on Bangladesh Television every month. It’s a programme on social problems and I like it because it has a lot of funny and interesting things about our society.

  1. What’s your favourite film? Why?

Answer: My most favourite film is ‘P.S. I love you’. It’s a Hollywood movie and I like it because about love and friendship.

  1. What’s your most favourite city / place in the world? Why?

Answer: My most favourite city / place in the world is London. It’s because I have many relatives there and they told me about it. It’s one of world’s most popular cities.

  1. What’s your favourite weather? Why?

Answer: I like cold weather most because I can wear many kinds of dresses in this weather.


I like hot weather most because I like sunshine and lights a lot.

  1. What’s your favourite leisure time activity? Why?

Answer: My most favourite leisure time activity is gossiping with my friends and relatives/ reading books/ listening to music. It’s because I enjoy doing it when I’m free and it makes me happy.

  1. What’s your favourite transport/ vehicle? Why?

Answer: My favourite transport is a car. It’s because it’s a private transport and it gives a lot of freedom when I travel somewhere. It’s also a very convenient (সুবিধাজনক) transport.

  1. Who’s your most favourite person? Why?

Answer: Actually, I have many favourite people but my most favourite person is my mother. It’s because she’s the person who made most sacrifices for me.

  1. Who’s your favourite personality? Why?

Answer: My favourite personality is my father/mother. It’s because I have learnt so many things about life, culture, social systems from him/her. He/ She is my real teacher.

  1. Do you have friends?

Answer: Sure, I have some good friends in my life.

  1. Who’s your best friend? Can you tell me little bit about him/her?

Answer: My best friend’s name is Lopa/ Riaj. She/he is my friend since my childhood. She/he is a great person with some special features. She/he is helpful, kind, understanding and funny person. She/he is always beside me when I face any problem.

  1. Who’s your favourite teacher?

Answer: My most favourite teacher’s name is Mr. ____________________ / or Mrs. _________________. He/she is my English teacher. I learnt many important things from him/her. I like him/her because his/her teaching style is so brilliant and he/she can make me understand most difficult topics easily.

  1. What’s your favourite games/ sport? Why?
    Well, my favourite games/sport is cricket/badminton. I love to play and watch it so much. It’s because this game gives me much pleasure and excitement.
  2. What’s your favourite accessories/device/instrument to use? Why?

Answer: My most favourite accessories/device/instrument is my smartphone. It’s because I can do a lot of works with it. It helps me to communicate with my friends and family. I can also check and send important messages and emails from it. I can browse internet for many information and use facebook, whatsapp and imo with it.

  1. Do you like pets?

Answer: Oh, yes! I have a pet which is a talking bird and I love it very much.

  1. What’s your favourite pet?

Answer: My favourite pet is a bird/ dog/cat. Its name is Twitty/ Tommy/ Luke/ Robin/ Lucy/ Dingo/ Margo.

  1. What’s your favourite animal? Why?

Answer: My favourite animal is an elephant. It’s because it looks really different and special. It’s also the largest animal on the ground. It can be trained to do many works and it is a helpful animal.

  1. What’s your favourite book? Why?

Answer: My favourite book is ‘Misir Ali Series’ written by a famous writer of my country named Humayun Ahmed. I love this book because it is full with mysterious, supernatural events and puzzles. I love such things so much.

  1. What’s your favourite physical exercise? Why?

Answer: Swimming is my most favourite physical exercise. It’s because it is the best exercise and all the limbs of our body becomes active if we do this exercise.

  1. What’s your most favourite place to eat/ restaurant?

Answer: My favourite place to eat is a small restaurant in my town called ‘Delicio’. It’s famous for both Bengali and foreign foods. I like it so much because its service is A-rated and the food quality is high-class. Their environment is also very welcoming.

Daily life:

  1. What time do you get up/ wake up everyday?

Answer: I get up early in the morning at 6.00 am. / I get up late at 9.00 or 10.00am.

  1. How do you start your day?

Answer: I start my day by offering prayers. / I start my day by taking breakfast.

  1. When do you take your breakfast?

Answer: I take my breakfast at 7.00 am / 10.00 am.

  1. What kind of works do you do at home?

Answer: Well, generally I help my family in different household works. Sometimes I go shopping and buy groceries and cloths.

  1. What do you do in the evening?

Answer: In the evening I take light snacks and tea or coffee with my family. Sometimes I go out to meet my friends.

  1. Do you play sometimes with your family members?

Answer: Yes, when I get some free time, I play ludu and carom with my family members. It’s really enjoyable.

  1. When do you take lunch?

Answer: I usually take lunch at 2.00 pm.

  1. When do you take dinner/ supper?

Answer: I take dinner at 8.30 pm. / I take supper at 10.30 pm.

  1. Do you think it’s important to give time to family members?

Answer: Of course, I think it’s important. Family members are the most significant people in our life. So, they expect time from us. So, we should spend some of our time with our family. It makes our relationship stronger.

Home/ House/ Living place:

  1. Do you live in a city/ town or village?

Answer: I live in a small town. / I live in a city. / I live in a village.

  1. Tell me about the place you live in.

Answer: I live in a small flat in my hometown. It’s not very large but it’s quite an attractive place to live in. My flat is on the third floor. There are 2 bedrooms, one dining, one living room and two bathrooms. The flat is airy and shiny and so fresh air can pass through easily.


I live in a tin-shed building in my native village. It’s a big house and there are 4 bedrooms, one dining, one big living room and 4 bathrooms in my house. As my family is a big family and we stay together, the house is suitable for us. It’s a very calm and quiet place.

  1. Do you like houses or flats?

Answer: I like houses because they are comfortable to live in. Houses are spacious and bigger than flats. Many people can live here together. I like to live with all my family members. Houses give the chance to stay with all my family members. 

  1. Which room in your house/ flat do you like most?

Answer: I like my bedroom most. It is the room where I pass most of my time.  

  1. Where do you study in your home?

Answer:  I study in my reading room/study.

  1. What things do you like in your home? / What are your most favourite things in your house?

Answer: I like most the flower garden and our living / front room.

  1. Is there anything that you dislike about your home/ house?

Answer: Well, sometimes during summer season our house becomes damp and I don’t like it.  

Food/ Eating out/ Restaurants:

  1. What foods are most common in your country?

Answer: Rice with fish or meat is the most common food in my country.

  1. What’s the main food of your country?

Answer: Our main food is rice. We take rice with fish, meat and vegetables.

  1. What’s your favourite food?

Answer: I like rice with meat curry or fish fry. It’s my most favourite dish.

  1. Do you take foods outside?

Answer: Yes, I sometimes take food outside in a restaurant.

  1. Is there any nice restaurant where you live? / What’s the best restaurant in your hometown?

Answer: Yes, the best restaurant in my hometown / living place is ‘Delicio’. They are famous for grilled chicken, biryani, chicken and fish fry etc.

  1. Which snack is your favourite?

Answer: I like chicken fries and hotdogs. 

  1. Do you have any favourite drink?

Answer: I like to take fresh fruit juice.

  1. Which food do you like most – home-made food or outdoor foods? Why?

Answer: I like most home-made food. It’s because home-cooked foods are hygienic and healthy.

  1. Are outdoor foods expensive/ costly/ pricy in your country?

Answer: Well, it depends. In village areas and suburbs, they are not so costly; foods are quite cheap there. But in the cities or towns, foods are sometimes too costly in restaurants.

  1. Do you cook in your house?

Answer: Yes, I cook regularly in my home.


Well, sometimes I cook, but not regularly.

  1. Which dish can you cook?

Answer: Well, I can cook biryani, fish curry, meat curry etc.

  1. Who mainly cooks food in your home?

Answer: My mother/ aunt/ sister mainly cooks food in our house.

  1. What fruit do you like most?

Answer: I love to eat mango and pine apple.

  1. Which vegetables do you like to eat?

Answer: My favourite vegetables are okra, tomato and eggplants.

Future plans:

  1. Do you have plans to visit other countries? If so, when would you like to go?
    Yes, I am planning to go on holidays to Thailand when my spouse returns from the UK this summer. / Yes, I am planning to join my spouse in the UK after a couple of months. / Yes, I have a life-long dream to visit India and Maldives and next month I have a plan to go there.
  2. What’s your plan next weekend?
    Next weekend I’m going to my in-laws’ / cousins’ house for a party.
  3. What’s your plan for this New Year 2019?
    Well, this year my plan is to complete IELTS Life Skills and apply for a spouse visa in the UK so that I can join my better-half there. (I’m also planning to start a small business if the situation allows.)
  4. What’s your future plan of life? / What’s your aim in life?
    My future plan is to lead a satisfied life. I don’t want to earn too much. I want to be a content person and live happily with my family members.


My future plan is to open a business of my own. My plan is to start my own company and become renowned as a businessperson.   

5.  Do you think it’s important for a person to have a dream or a future plan?
Of course, I think it’s very important. Without a dream or plan, no one can achieve great success. So, it’s vital to have a plan for future.

Education/ Study:

  1. Can you tell me briefly about your education background? / What’s your education qualification?
    I’ve completed my Honours and Masters in Political Science. / I’m studying B.S.S./B.A./B.Sc in MC College Sylhet. / I’m a student of Honours First Year in Economics/ English/ History/ Bangla.
  2. Why are you taking the IELTS Life Skills course? / Why are you appearing at the IELTS Life Skills exam?
    I’m applying for spouse visa as my better-half/husband/wife lives in the UK. For this visa IELTS Life Skills score is required and for this reason I’m taking IELTS Life Skills exam.
  3. Do you like to study?

Answer: Yes, I do.

  1. What kind of studying are you interested in? Academic study or studying for pleasure?

Answer: I like both. But I enjoy studying for entertainment and pleasure. Academic study is a bit boring.

  1. Where do you study in your home/ house?

Answer: I study in my study/ reading room. Sometimes I study at the balcony/roof/my bedroom.

  1. Do you like your subject or field of studying?

Answer: Yes, I think I have learnt many important things from this subject. 

  1. Do you encourage others to study?

Answer: Yes, I do that. I think education is the most important thing for a person. It can change the world from bad to good. So, I encourage my kids/nephews/nieces/cousins/ siblings to study as much as possible.

  1. Can you study when it’s very noisy?

Answer: No, studying needs a peaceful environment. So, I can study properly when there is less sound and distractions.

  1. Where did you take your IELTS Life Skills course from?

Answer: I took this course from N@jib’s in Moulvibazar.

  1. How was your classroom? / Describe your classroom in brief.

Answer: Our classroom is a large classroom with 15 chairs and a small table. We have a computer and a projector in the class. Our teacher writes on the white board. It looks really nice. The colour of the room is off-white. Fresh air comes easily to the room and it’s very calm and quiet.

  1. Did you take any English lessons?

Answer: Yes, I did. And I’m still taking lessons there.

  1. Does your teacher give you homework?

Answer: Yes, he does. He gives us a lot of homework.

  1. Do you like to do homework?

Answer: Yes, I do. But I sometimes feel bored when there is too much homework.

  1. Where do you do your homework / studies?

Answer: I do my homework / studies in my reading room/ bedroom.

  1. Do you think learning English is important?

Answer: Oh yes, I think it’s very important.

Transport and communication:

  1. What kinds of transports / vehicles are common in your town/ village/ area?

Answer: Well, in my area/ town/ village cars, buses and autos are most common.

  1. Do you feel comfortable in public transports?

Answer: No, not so much. In my opinion, public transports are much noisy and seats are not comfortable there.

  1. How do you feel when you travel in private transports? Why?

Answer: I think I feel more comfortable in a public transport like cars or micros. It’s because there are less noisy and crowded. I can comfortably sit there.

  1. Are you satisfied with the transportation facilities / transport system in your country?

Answer: Well, the present transportation system in our country is not so good. Traffic jam is a great problem here. People suffer a lot because the roads are narrow and people do not maintain traffic rules properly. So, I am not so satisfied with the transportation system.

  1. Do you go to long drive sometimes?

Answer: Yes, but I go to long drive when the roads are not so busy. In my country taking a long drive is very risky.

  1. What kind of transports are your favourite?

Answer: My most favourite transport is a car. I love cars so much. 

  1. Do you own a car? / Do you have a car of your own?

Answer: Yes, I have my own car. / No, I don’t own a car yet.

  1. Do you prefer any specific brand?

Answer: Yes, my favourite car brand is BMW.

  1. Do you know how to drive a car?

Answer: Yes, I do. / No, I don’t.

  1. Did you take any driving lesson?

Answer: Yes, I’ve completed a 3-month long driving course and just recently got my driving license. / No, I haven’t taken any driving lesson yet.

11. Do you think we should learn how to drive? Is it important?
Yes, of course. Driving skill is very important for us. It can save people’s lives. So, we all should learn driving.

Mobile phone, computer and internet:

  1. Do you have a mobile phone/ smartphone?

Answer: Yes, I have a smartphone.

  1. What brand is it? What kind of phone is it?

Answer: It’s a Samsung Galaxy S7. / It’s an iphone 10.

  1. What kinds of benefits do you get from this smartphone/ mobile phone? / Is there any any benefits of using this phone?

Answer: Well, there are many benefits that I get by using this phone. I can make contact with my family, relatives and friends. I can also use the internet, play games, listen to music, and read books.

  1. Do you think mobile phone has made your life easy?

Answer: Yes, I think so. With this device / With mobile phone I can save my time and do some hard works easily, like I can communicate with my family and friends at a cheap rate. I can entertain myself and learn many things for free. 

  1. Do you have a computer at your house?

Answer: Yes, I do. / No, I don’t.

  1. What’s the best benefit or advantage that you get from a mobile phone / computer?

Answer:  The best thing that a mobile phone or computer can do is that it gives the opportunity to learn about different matters for free.

  1. Is there any bad effects of using mobile phone, computer and internet?

Answer: Yes, sometimes people use it for a long time which can harm eyesight and give bad headache. Computers are also used to hack accounts and blackmail people. Young people also waste a lot of time using mobile phone or browsing internet.

Parties, ceremonies, celebrations and festivals:

  1. Do you like parties?

Answer: Yes, I love parties and programmes.

  1. What kinds of parties are common in your country?

Answer: In our country birthday party, wedding ceremony and anniversary celebrations are most common.

  1. Do you attend birthday party sometimes?

Answer: Yes, I do. Recently I’ve attended a birthday party of my nephew.

  1. What happens in a birthday party?

Answer: Well, many things happen in a birthday programme. The birthday person blows candles and cut cake. Sweets and spicy foods are distributed among guests. People laugh, dance and sing together. They wish the birthday person a long and successful life.

  1. Could you briefly describe your wedding ceremony? What happened on that day?

Answer: Well, on my wedding ceremony my relatives, friends and my family members gathered in a local community centre to hold the program. They greeted the groom and his family. Me and my husband took our vows religiously and then all the guests prayed for us. They presented us many gifts and tips. All of us took lunch together. Then we also took many photographs to remember the day. (Bride’s perspective)


Well, on my wedding ceremony my in-laws’ family and friends gathered in a local community centre to hold the program. They greeted me and my family. Me and my wife took our vows religiously and then all the guests prayed for us. They presented us many gifts and tips. All of us took lunch together. Then we also took many photographs to remember the day. (groom’s perspective)

  1. Did you organise any pre-weeding programme in your house? / Was there any gaye-holud or Mehendi-night?

Answer: Yes, my family organised a gaye-holud or mehendi-night programme the night before. It was a very memorable night for me. We danced, sang and took meals together. We took photos and laughed a lot. We enjoyed the night just like a birthday party.

  1. What are the common festivals in your country?

Answer: In my country mostly religious festivals are common; such as Eid festivals, Durga Puja, Christmas Day etc. We also celebrate Bengali New Year or Pohela Boishakh, Independence Day, Victory Day and International Mother Language day.

  1. What happens on different national celebrations?

Answer: Different kinds of programmes like seminars, discussion programs and processions are organised. In many places people organise music, drama and dance programs to show the importance of the day. Fairs are also organised in different parts of the country. At night fireworks are displayed in the sky.

  1. Did you ever organise any party or festival program?

Answer: Yes, I did. I organised many birthday parties and my sister’s wedding party.

  1. What did you do to organise the birthday party?

Answer: I called some of my cousins and friends. They gave me ideas on how to organise the party. Then I hired some experts to decorate my house with lights and flowers. They also arranged a place where the main programme took place. I ordered a nice, big and beautiful cake for my younger brother to cut. I also ordered sweets and spicy food and drinks for the party. I hired a local band that came to sing some songs. This is how I organised the programme.

  1. Do you celebrate 31st night in your country?

Answer: Nowadays we celebrate it. It was not that popular before.

  1. How do you celebrate it?

Answer: We gather in one friend’s/ relative’s house or invite our friends and relatives at our place. We go to the roof and enjoy fireworks which start just at 12.00 am. Then we sing some songs.

  1. With whom do you enjoy it?

Answer: We enjoy it with our family members, friends, neighbours and relatives.

  1. Do you cook any special food to celebrate different occasions?

Answer: Yes, we do. It’s a famous culture in Bangladesh to cook different types of food to celebrate a special occasion.

Learning new things:

  1. Are you learning anything new at the moment? What is it?

Answer: Yes, I’m learning driving/ Basic Spoken English/ Swimming/ Yoga.

  1. Why are you learning it?

Answer: I think it’s an important skills and it will help me to move forward.

  1. Do you have a trainer/teacher/instructor?

Answer: Yes, I have and he/she is a great trainer/teacher/instructor.

  1. How does he/she teach you?

Answer: My teacher teaches in s very graceful and interesting way. He/she always inspires me. If I make mistake, he/she corrects me and helps me to exercise more and more.

  1. What was your favourite subject at school?

Answer: My favourite subject at school was English.

  1. Do you want to learn anything in future?

Answer: Yes, I want to learn cooking/driving/teaching in future.

  1. When did you start learning English?

Answer: I started learning English when I was at high school / secondary level.

  1. How important is it to learn new things?

Answer: I think learning new things is very important for us. It helps us to get motivated and we can get inspiration from it. It is also exciting to learn something new.  

  1. Are you a good learner?

Answer: Yes, I think so. I try my best to learn something with my heart.

  1. What was the last thing you learned?

Answer: I learned driving/cooking/making toys/embroidery last.

  1. Do you think a good teacher is important for learning something?

Answer: Of course, a good is very important for learning anything. We may not know everything about what we want to learn. An expert teacher can help us in this case.

  1. How do like to learn? / What methods do you follow to learn something?

Answer: I like to learn anything clearly with all the major points clearly. I like to learn under a great instructor or mentor. I don’t want to miss anything. I like to take notes when I learn something. I like to read about the subject in details.


  1. Do you have close friends?

Answer: Yes, I have some friends and they are very close to me.

  1. How many friends do you have?

Answer: Well, I have a large circle of friends. I cannot remember the exact number. / I have 4 close friends.

  1. Who is your best friend?

Answer: My best friend is Jayed/ Salma.  

  1. Could you tell me in brief about your best friend? / Tell me about your friend.

Answer: My best friend’s name’s Jayed Chowdhury. We call him Jayed. He’s 33 years old. He’s Bangladeshi. He was born in Sylhet. He is a businessman. He lives in Dhaka. He likes reading, photography and playing cricket. He doesn’t like boring and pessimistic people.


My best friend’s name’s Salma Jahan. We call him Salma. She’s 27 years old. She’s Bangladeshi. She was born in Sylhet. She’s a high school teacher. She lives in Bianibazar with her in-laws. She likes listening to music, photography and doing social networking. She doesn’t like boring and pessimistic people. Like me she also hates eve-teasers.

  1. When did you last meet him/her?

Answer: I met him/her a few months ago. / I met him/her last week.

  1. Do you talk to him/her often?

Answer: Yes, we talk over phone often.

  1. What do you talk about?

Answer: Mostly we talk about our family life and other friends, our past days and present conditions. Sometimes we talk about family problems and find solutions together. 

  1. Do you help him/her sometimes?

Answer: Of course, I do. I try to help my friends when they face any problems. I think it’s important to help friends and family in danger.

  1. Do you think friendship is important in our life?

Answer: Oh, I think it’s very important for us. Our life is incomplete without friendship. Friendship makes our life easy and more flexible. We can share many things with true friends which we cannot share with family members.

  1. What makes a good friend? / What things are important to make better friendship?

Answer: I think honesty, confidence and like-minded attitudes make a good friend.


  1. Do you like shopping?

Answer: Oh yes! I love shopping. I like to buy different things.

  1. What kind of shopping do you like?

Answer: I like buying cloths, cosmetics and other stuffs. / I like buying grocery items. / I like buying fish and vegetables.    

  1. Do you think shopping can be a hobby?

Answer: Yes, I think shopping can be a hobby. Some of my friends enjoy doing it.

  1. Is shopping important?

Answer: Yes, in my opinion shopping is important. We need to consider shopping carefully because it is directly to our life, lifestyle and well-being.  

  1. When you buy clothes, do you consider colour as an important factor?

Answer: Yes, I think dresses of different suit different types of people. It is somehow related to our personality.

  1. In your town do you have nice shopping malls?

Answer: Yes, we have some nice shopping malls with modern facilities and world-class brands.

  1. Which brands are popular in your area?

Answer: In our area people like renowned brands like Wallmart, Gucci, Adidas, Nike, Levis, Capresse etc.

  1. Do you like to wear jewellery?

Answer: Yes, I do. I like to wear rings and bracelets.

  1. Where do you buy your jewellery from?

Answer: I love to go to Neela Jewellery House. It’s close to my house and I know them for many years. They are very famous in our area for their customer service and quality of gold and silver.

  1. Do you think people need skills for doing shopping?

Answer: Oh yes! I think people need to be very intelligent and skilled to do good shopping. Otherwise they will be cheated easily.

  1. Do you it’s important for a place to have some good shopping places?

Answer: I think it’s very important to have some good shopping places. Customers always expect some good shops and markets around them. They want the best quality products. So, I think authorities should consider this and create some good spaces for shopping facilities.

Weather/ Season:

  1. What kind of weather do you like?

Answer: I like hot weather. / I like cold weather. / I like temperate weather.

  1. Why do you like such weather?

Answer: I like such weather because I feel most comfortable in this kind of weather.

  1. What do you generally do in this weather?

Answer: In hot weather I pass some relaxed time near my pool or pond. I wear light dress and take different kinds of summer fruits and fruit juice. 

Or, In cold weather I pass some relaxed time in front of my fireplace. I wear heavy dresses of different designs and take different kinds of winter time cakes. 

Or, In temperate weather I go to visit different tourist places with my family and friends.

  1. Which season is your favourite?

Answer: I like summer / winter season most.

  1. Why do you like this season?

Answer: I like this season because I can do different activities which are great fun for me.

  1. What activities do you do in this season?

Answer: In the summer season I play different summer games and water sports with my friends and family. I like water sports like swimming and water polo very much.

Or, In the winter season I go shopping and buy different stylish dresses for me and my family. I also visit natural places like Cox’s Bazar, Jaflong, Sazek Valley, Niladri, Bisnakandi and so on.

  1. Do you dislike any weather/ season?

Answer: Yes, I don’t like hot weather/ cold weather / summer season / winter season.

  1. Why don’t you like this season/ weather?

Answer: I don’t like this season/ weather because it is very irritating for me and I suffer from different diseases in this season/ weather.

In hot weather/ summer season I suffer from allergic reactions.


In winter I suffer from cough and chest pain.

Sports / Games:

  1. Do you like to play?

Answer: Yes, it’s one of my hobbies.

  1. What kinds of games are common in your country?

Answer: In my country both indoor and outdoor games are common.

  1. Which indoor games are usually played in your country? / What kinds of indoor games do you generally play in your country?

Answer: In our country chess, tennis, badminton, volleyball, carom etc. are most common indoor games.

  1. Which indoor game do you like most?

Answer: I like most badminton.

  1. Which outdoor games are usually played in your country? / What kinds of outdoor games do you generally play in your country?

Answer: In our country cricket, football, hockey, running etc. are most common outdoor games.

  1. Which outdoor game do you like most?

Answer: I like most cricket and football.

  1. Do you play these games?

Answer: Yes. When I get enough time to play, I play cricket and badminton.

  1. Do you think it’s important for us to play?

Answer: Yes, It’s very important for us to play. We can keep fit by playing games. They are good exercise for us.

  1. What are the benefits of playing different games?

Answer: Playing different games has different benefits. They are good exercise for us. They keep us fit and active. They are also good entertainment for us. Games make our body active and mentally strong.

  1. Do you we should be careful when playing any strong sports/games?

Answer: Yes, we should be careful otherwise we may get injured. Sports injury is a common matter.


  1. Do you like to take photographs?

Answer: Yes, I like photography very much.

  1. What kind of photos do you like to take?

Answer: I like to take my own pictures. Sometimes I also like to take pictures of my friends and family.

  1. Do you take selfie sometimes?

Answer: Yes, I take selfie sometimes.

  1. What do you use to take your photos?

Answer: I mostly use my smartphone to take photos. / I take photos with a DSLR camera.

  1. Do you like to take pictures of natural scenery?

Answer: Oh, yes. I love it.

  1. When do you take pictures of natural scenery?

Answer: I take pictures of natural scenery when I travel to some nice places with natural beauty.

  1. Do you think photography can be a hobby?

Answer: Yes, I think photography can be a hobby. Many young people of our country are taking this as a hobby. They pass their free time taking some great pictures and they enjoy it very much.

  1. Do you think photography can be a profession/ occupation/ job?

Answer: Yes, I think photography can be a profession/ occupation/ job. Many people of our country are taking photography as a great income source.

Fixed time of the day:

  1. When do you wake up in the morning?

Answer: I wake up at 6.00 am. / I wake up late at 10.00 am.

  1. When do you take breakfast?

Answer: I take breakfast at 7.00 am. / I take breakfast at 10.30 am.

  1. What do you do in the afternoon?

Answer: In the afternoon I generally take little rest or play some games.

  1. In the evening, what do you do?

Answer: In the evening, I take tea, gossip with my family and read newspapers or magazines.

  1. When do you go to bed?

Answer: I go to bed at 10.45 pm. Sometimes it gets late and I go to bed at 11.30 pm. 

  1. Which part of the day do you like most? Why?

Answer: I like morning time most. It’s because the weather remains temperate and I can enjoy the nature and fresh air.

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