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IELTS Writing Task 1: mixed/combined graph writing; with bonus tips

This post focuses on IELTS writing Task 1 mixed graph or combined graph. Generally, it seems quite difficult to write a combined graph or mixed graph in IELTS Writing module. Many candidates get confused here. This post provides a sample answer, which the candidates can follow to practice this kind of writing.

Sample answer:
The given bar chart illustrates an opinion survey about the factors as to why people choose to go to school while the pie graph portrays how adults consider the costs of academic should be funded.

Overall, it is apparent in the bar chart that there are seven reasons as to why adults decide to study, and the subject of interest is the most significant one. On the other hand, it can be observed from the pie chart that individual funding for education has had a far higher percentage compared to the other two.

The bar chart represents seven causes in the survey, with the subject of interest representing the biggest percentage at 40%. Gaining qualifications is the second main reason earning 38%. Three factors achieved nearly the same share of almost 20% and meeting new people had the lowest percentage at 9%.

The pie chart shows that 40% of the people think that education should be funded individually. However, 35% of the people from the survey assume that it should be paid by the employer while 25% thinks that it should be funded by the taxpayers, which is the lowest one.

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Bonus tips:

IELTS Task 1 needs a clear focus and attention on the picture provided.  So, candidates must carefully read the question and the instructions well. If any of the instructions are read wrong by mistake, it will affect the answer and it will be difficult to achieve a good band score. So, be careful about it.

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