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IELTS Speaking: Cambridge 12 Test 6: full speaking test; with complete and best solutions

IELTS Speaking: Cambridge 12 Test 6 full speaking test with complete and best solutions

In this post, I’ve provided solutions or sample answers for Cambridge 12 Test 6 Speaking test. Candidates who are preparing for their IELTS exams recently can use this speaking test solution for their best practice. I’ve provided enough information in each sample answer. But this is a generic post, and so you can change the answers according to your situation or choice. Remember to practice them with your partners or friends before appearing in the IELTS exam. This will surely boost your confidence.

CAMBRIDGE IELTS 12 TEST 6 Speaking Module


Songs & singing

Did you enjoy singing when you were younger?

Sample answer: Yes, very much. I used to sing with my classmates and best friends. We used to sing together at parties and programs. But I couldn’t sing alone. I still can’t do that. It makes me very nervous.

How often do you sing now?

Sample answer: Frankly speaking, barely. I have become so occupied with my business and work that I just don’t get the time to do it. I do sing in the shower and stuff, but that’s just a fun part. I could hardly remember singing for the last 2 years.

Do you have a favorite song you like listening to?

Sample answer: I do listen to songs and I really enjoy it sometimes. I like to listen to lots of different songs. But it’s really difficult to choose a particular one at the moment.

Recently, I downloaded a song from Gary Barlow’s 2013 album “Since I saw you last”. The name of the song is “Let me go”. I really enjoy the way it is sung by Gary. When I feel sad, I listen to it and it makes me happy. I think this is an inspiring song.

How important is singing in your culture?

Sample answer: Singing has great value in our culture. We have a very strong ‘singing culture’ and there are many famous singers and musicians. Though, generally, we’re not a country that is well-known for producing global icon singers or anything like that.

In my country, people generally sing at concerts and special events. We do have musical programs and shows on TV channels that are really popular. We occasionally hire the best singers in our country for big programs and concerts. Concerts are generally very popular among our young generation.

Part 2

Describe a film/movie actor from your country who is very popular.
You should say:

Click here for the sample answer.

Part 3

Watching films/movies

What are the most popular types of films in your country?

Sample answer: Nowadays people are watching many adapted movies from Marvel comics and DC comics. Young people, especially teenagers, and children love to watch films like Iron Man, Batman, Spider-Man, Superman, The Hulk, Thor, Avengers, Justice League, Wonder Woman, etc.

Adults like to watch serious movies, mostly thrillers, and action movies. People also like to watch franchise movies from Universal Studios and Disney. Some of the most popular franchise movies in our country are The Fast and Furious, Jason Bourne, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc.

What is the difference between watching a film at the cinema and watching a film at home?

Sample answer: I think watching a film in the cinema is much better and the experience is more exciting than watching a film at home. The reason being the wider screen and special sound system used in the cinema halls, it makes a more comfortable experience.

But having a home theater system in the house can make your movie-watching experience at home even better. It’s because you don’t need to go out and you don’t need to sit with other people. Also, you can give a pause in the movie if you wish and enjoy it whenever you feel like it too.

Again, if you watch a movie on a standard TV set, the experience might not be as exciting and breathtaking as it looks in the cinema or home theater.

Do you think cinemas will close in the future?

Sample answer: Yes, I believe that and it might happen in the near future. Home theaters are becoming cheaper day by day due to the extensive development of science and technology. People are buying more home theater than before. So, in the near future cinemas might not get that many people and eventually, they will be shut down.

I personally own a home theater and after buying that I never went back to a cinema hall. I feel more comfortable watching a movie at home.

But I’m not saying that all are like me. There are many people who like to watch movies in the cinema. But the number is decreasing rapidly. So, as I said before, eventually cinema will lose popularity.


How important is the theatre in your country’s history?

Sample answer: I am proud to say that we have quite a strong history of drama, maybe more than singing. It’s generally the sort of entertainment intellectual people have sought, going to the cinema since most of the plays are tailored from unique works which were written a very long time ago.

People have tried their best to preserve their own cultural values and ideologies with the adaptation of classical writings and making a little twist in them to make them more contemporary.

But, unfortunately, this trend is declining day by day. There are some reasons behind it. Firstly, most of the theaters are situated in the cities. So, rural people do not have the opportunity to get a taste of it. Moreover, people are becoming more mobile phone-oriented and so watching movies online and watching videos on youtube are now more popular than theater.

How strong a tradition is it today in your country to go to the theatre?

Sample answer: It is still a much stronger trend in my country for people to go to the theater and enjoy movies and dramas. But, as I mentioned before, it is declining day by day. Mostly the older people like to go to the theater. The young generation actually spends more time using mobile phones or laptops.

Do you think the theatre should be run as a business or as a public service?

Sample answer: Actually, it’s a hard thing to tell. I consider the theater as a way to express art, so it ideally needs to be supported by both the private and public sectors. I think it’s the duty of the government to protect culture and what best way is there than funding the theaters? It should also be made more accessible to people who might be interested in it, especially children and young generation.

But if we consider the commercial point here, it’s the people who control the theater that really needs to fund theater groups who regularly perform and stage their dramas.

Private sponsors for theaters are also visible in my country but I think that’s not enough. The salary or wages the theater people get are so poor that they face hardships in their life. This condition should be improved otherwise theaters will not continue as it is and we are going to lose a prominent culture soon.

Overall, I think theaters should be run as a public service but theater people should be treated equally as other important professionals.

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