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IELTS Speaking part 2/ topic card: A building/structure with architectural interest

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This post focuses on IELTS Speaking Part 2 or the topic card section. This is a common topic which is a building or structure of architectural interest. I’ve prepared a model answer for you. You can edit it according to your situation and choice. So, let’s have a look at the topic card.

Model answer:

Thanks a lot for the topic card. I’m going to describe a modern building that I enjoyed very much during my last trip to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates in 2015. It’s the tallest structure in the world now and is known as The Burj Khalifa.

With a total height of 829.8 m (2,722 ft), it is a mega-tall skyscraper. According to Wikipedia, it holds 17 different records in the history of construction. At present, it serves as a multipurpose building, including hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, residential suites, parks, and so on. This enormous creation was designed by one of the greatest architects of the world, Mr. Adrian D. Smith, an American architect.

This monstrous building should be preserved by us to remember what man can achieve if determination and leverage are at the center of human civilization. It reminds us of the fact that everything is possible for us. We should preserve this landmark for future inspiration.

Consisting of 163 floors, the Burj Khalifa, saw its inauguration of construction in 2004. The tower was constructed by Samsung C&T from South Korea, who also did work on the Petronas Twin Towers in Malaysia and Taipei 101 in Taiwan.  The exterior of this gigantic landmark was completed on October 1st, 2009. The opening of Burj Khalifa was held on 4 January 2010. The ceremony featured a display of 10,000 fireworks, light beams projected on and around the tower, and further sound, light, and water effects. The design of the building is derived from the Islamic architecture of the region, such as in the Great Mosque of Samarra.

The Burj Khalifa is highly compartmentalized. Pressurized, air-conditioned refuge floors are located approximately every 35 floors where people can shelter on their long walk down to safety in case of an emergency or fire. Special mixes of concrete are made to withstand the extreme pressures of the massive building weight; as is typical with reinforced concrete construction, each batch of concrete used was tested to ensure it could withstand certain pressures. The estimated total cost of the construction was about US $1.5 billion.

The most attractive places in this building are The Burj Khalifa Park, Observation Deck, and The Dubai Fountain.

Every year hundreds of thousands of tourists visit Dubai just to have a look and take a selfie with this marvelous structure.

Thank you.

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