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IELTS Speaking Part 2: Topic card; describe something that helps you concentrate; with model answer & part 3 questions

This IELTS speaking part 2 topic is a very recent one that appeared in the exam, and it is quite an easy topic card to talk about. We do different activities to concentrate and here I’ve discussed a yoga pose that we can do to improve our concentration. The title of the topic card is ‘Describe something that helps you concentrate’. You will find a model answer and some part 3 questions on the given topic card. Hopefully, these sample answers will help you to prepare for the cue card and some other cards as well.

Let’s have a look at the topic card first.

Here is a great model answer for you. 

Model answer:

To be able to concentrate is a work of toil. Concentration is craftsmanship with the assistance of which a person is able to center his or her mind on a specific thing for a long time by psychological endeavors and composed intellect. There are a number of ways how people try to concentrate; sometimes they are automatically generated in a person and sometimes they are prescribed by experts such as a therapist or psychologist. I’m going to talk about a relaxation technique named Yoga that I learned and helped me to be able to concentrate more on my works.

The relaxation technique is the way to focus in order to stimulate the brain and make it more functional and active. As a proud Indian, a citizen of a country that invented Yoga, I’m happy to share a Yoga technique with you. Of all Yoga practices and exercises, I do the one that most Yoga teachers highly recommend to focus the mind. This is called ‘Natarajasana’, also known as ‘the dancer pose’ to the modern world; and this pose allows the brain to focus intensely. I perform this practice each morning for approximately 15 minutes to half an hour before breakfast and sometimes in the evening period. It is a challenging pose that takes quite a bit of time to perfect. You have to bend on the right side and put the whole weight of your body on your right leg, keep your right hand straight on-air and touch your left leg and pull it up with your left hand and then maintain the pose for at least 15-20 seconds. Then you have to repeat the whole process by reversing it on your left leg. You can do it 4-5 times; I usually do it for 6-7 times at the crack of dawn. 

Prior to doing this exercise, while performing vital errands, I had a serious issue of losing my concentration in all kinds of works. I went to a therapist after being advised by my doctor and this therapist suggested me to start working on this pose by watching and learning it from the internet. First I feel down a lot as it was quite a hard pose to do. But after a week I started to get perfections and now I can do it easily. After getting habituated with this dancer pose, I felt a boost in my confidence and my concentration level was also much higher than ever before. I could sit on my workspace and I could dive into my works more than ever. I think doing the pose I had to concentrate to keep myself still for a while and this gave me the focus I was looking for. I had to concentrate on a single thing to make it perfect. Therefore, I got my confidence back and now I can concentrate on my works even being amidst numerous distractions. I highly recommend everyone to start doing some yoga poses as soon as possible.

You can also answer the following topic cards using this one:

Part 3 questions:

Take preparation on the following questions:

  1. Is there any other way to concentrate more except for doing physical exercise?
  2. Is it important for children to learn how to concentrate?
  3. Were you taught at your primary school or KG school to learn how to concentrate? Was it effective?
  4. Tell me about some works or jobs which need high concentration.
  5. What kind of distractions do you get while working and how do you concentrate at that time?

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