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IELTS Speaking Topic card: favourite TV drama; with model answer

This IELTS Speaking Part 2 post is on a common cue card / topic card which is a TV drama you like. The provided sample answer you will you talk about the topic easily. You can make your own answer using this topic card sample.

Model answer:

My most favourite TV drama is an old American television series which was telecast during the 1980s and 1990s around the world. The name of the drama was MacGyver and it was an action TV series. It was about Angus MacGyver, a US veteran in Vietnam War, who returned to his country and served his nation as a chemical specialist. It had about 5 consecutive seasons, and it is still considered as one of the top-rated TV serials for its age.

It was broadcast in Bangladesh Television in my country. As I recall it was played on Friday Night after 8.00 pm news as a weekly show. I always waited for Friday to come so that I could was the drama. On the following day, my friends and I would discuss the events took place in it, to discuss on how cool and exciting the episode was and how smart and gifted MacGyver was.

The most exceptional thing about it is that the main character, MacGyver, didn’t like to use a firearm as his weapon. Instead of using pistols or rifles, he used his own special creativity in making tools to fight his enemies. I still remember some of the episodes. In one such episode, he was arrested by his enemies in a garage. He was looking for a way to escape. Then with his creative thinking, he came by some tools that could be used to open the gate of the garage, and he could get away from his enemy. In my opinion, we could learn some positive things from this very drama series. We learned that we should try our heart and soul to avoid using guns, and we should also believe in our genius or creativity. MacGyver has had a profound influence on me as well as many young people of that time.

That’s all about my favourite TV series/drama.

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