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Google Translator: An essential vocabulary tool for IELTS students

IELTS Vocabulary: how Google Translate helped me

Google has been serving the net world since its dawn. It has introduced soft products like Google Images, Google Maps, Google Videos, and so on. The service list is uncountable. But one thing that has helped me directly in IELTS and English preparation is Google Translate. So, I’d like to show how you can not only add some comfort to your computing but also learn a lot of vocabulary using Google Translate.

What is Google Translate:

Google Translate is a completely free machine-based translation service for different languages. It has been developed by Google that translates text from one language into another. It has its own website, mobile apps for all kinds, and extension services for Google Chrome users. Launched in April 2006, at present Google Translate covers more than 100 languages at diverse levels, and according to Wikipedia, it has been serving over 500 million people on a daily basis.

When launched, it utilized the records from the United Nations and European Parliament to collect data from different languages. It does not translate languages directly. What it does is that it first translates any text to English and afterward to the language intended by the users. At the time of a translation, this service looks for outlines in innumerable documents to help choose the finest translation. Though it has some limitations, I think it is a wonderful way to learn many unknown vocabularies without facing many challenges.

How I benefited from it:

I learned to use Google Translate from one of my students, and I am grateful to him ever since. Usually, I pass long hours in front of my computer. I have to work with the English language for countless hours. Sometimes, it happens that I am stuck with an awkward and new word. If you ask people about such a situation, they will say that they become frustrated because searching for a word in a dictionary can be painful for many. As I use Google Chrome as my web browser, I downloaded the extension of Google Translate.

Now, whenever I am stuck with an unknown word, I just click on the word and the extension provides me the meaning, word origin, part of speech, and even the pronunciation. It was an amazing experience. Now, I don’t need to panic about learning uncommon, awkward, and unknown vocabulary at all. I am just one click away from learning the meanings, word origins, parts of speech, and pronunciations of the words.

I always recommend you learn as much vocabulary as you can. It is because of the range of vocabulary that you can make the greatest difference in your IELTS global band score. You are sure to gain profit in all the language skills; listening, reading, writing, and speaking. I’m not saying that you can’t study a dictionary. But, as we all are very busy and time runs fast, we need to keep pace with time. This is where Google Translate can help you. Not only it is making your searches easier, but also it is making you smarter because you are saving important time using an add-in in your MS Word, an app on your phone, and an extension in your Google Chrome. Unfortunately, the extension is not available in other browsers.

Some might think I’m doing an advertisement for Google here. I can guarantee you, it’s not advertising. If you become used to this wonderful service, you will surely understand what I mean.

To learn more about it, follow the link below.

To download the extension from the web, follow the link below

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