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IELTS Writing Task 2: Problem-solution essay; lack of interest in physical exercise; with model answer, bonus tips, notes and strategies

IELTS Writing Task 2: Problem-solution essay; lack of interest in physical exercise; with model answer, bonus tips, notes and strategies

In IELTS Writing Task 2, we have to write different kinds of essays. One of the most common essays is a problem-solution essay. Here, in this post, I’m focusing on a recent ‘problematic topic’ related to ‘exercise’ from a recent IELTS exam. Have a look at the strategies and notes to write the essay because it will guide you to a successful score. I’ve also provided a model answer here with bonus tips.

Title of the essay:

Many doctors and scientists say that people in this modern world do not do enough physical exercise and this is leading to an overall decline in the average well-being of people.

What do you think are the main reasons for this problem?

What solutions are there to this problem?

Strategies to write the answer:

You must brainstorm the ideas first and then take some notes on what to write. You should also decide about the number of paragraphs and what to put down in each of these paragraphs.


This is a ‘problem-solution’ essay.

The subject matter is ‘the lack of interest in physical exercise’.

Here, are some reasons: 

Reasons for the lack of interest in physical exercise:

Over-connected lifestyle / extreme interest in technology – automobiles, cellphone, social networking,

The pace of life – we are too busy with jobs and career / competitive world

Lack of knowledge about physical exercise

The solutions:

Change in lifestyle – taking hobbies like gardening, swimming,

Keep some time for – going to the park, walking with colleagues and friends

Knowledge – reading about benefits of exercise, joining workshops, going to a health club or gym


There should be four paragraphs here:

1st paragraph: Introduction:

Paraphrase the title of task 2 from the question.

Present the topic with an interesting start and your thesis (write about the two sides in short – reasons behind lack of interest in exercise and the solution).

2nd paragraph: Body 1:

Discuss the reasons/ causes of lack of interest in doing exercise and show relevant examples

3rd paragraph: Body 2:

Discuss the solutions to the problem and show relevant examples.

4th paragraph: Conclusion:

Conclude the writing an overall comment over the issue and present personal opinion (if any).

Remember not to copy from the question or first paragraph.

Now, you are ready to write the answer. Try to use less common words and sentence constructions. Below is a sample answer prepared by me.

Model Answer:

Physical exercise is one of the most significant activities that keep us healthy and active. Unfortunately, modern people have a tendency to avoid doing corporeal workouts due to some noteworthy reasons and the overall well-being of people in the world is deteriorating day by day. This essay focuses on the key reasons behind the lack of interest in workouts and suggests some fitting solutions to the problem.

Initially, many people nowadays avoid doing physical exercise because of their over-connected lifestyle. We frequently see people passing free time listening to music and playing computer and mobile games which are not healthy activities at all. Moreover, many of the young generations seriously lack knowledge of workouts and their benefits which is another unfortunate matter. Besides, in this competitive world, people are overloaded with work to establish their careers and so they sometimes fail to manage time to do workouts. One of my cousins, who works as an official in a private firm, has recently become obese due to his failure to take part in daily exercise.

One effective solution to deal with this issue is altering our lifestyle. We should pay heed to our health and avoid mobile games and social networking as much as we can. Rather we should build up a habit of taking regular physical exercise like walking, swimming, gardening etc. This also provides a chance to mingle with local people in parks, gymnasiums, and clubs. In addition, the young generation of society should be motivated to take part in physical exercise on a regular basis through different workshops and motivational programs. Government, private organizations, and media can team up to play their roles here and encourage all to ensure physical exercise as a part of life.

In fine, modern people are less interested in physical exercise due to advanced technology and the pace of life which is increasing the rate of obesity and other diseases. This problem can be tackled by transforming our lifestyle and gaining knowledge on healthy living through workouts.

(330 words)

Bonus tips: 

Try to balance the use of simple, compound, and complex sentences in your writing. Do not use only simple or complex sentences. This makes your writing vulnerable. So, your writing should contain different sentence patterns.

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