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IELTS Speaking Part 1: General questions with example answers set 1; work, studies, school, hometown/city

In IELTS Speaking exam, part 1 consists of some general questions which are asked by examiners. You need to have a good preparation for this segment because answering correctly and skillfully in this segment may give you the start which can lead to an attractive band score. In this post, I’ve prepared some example answers (work, studies, school, hometown/ city) which can be a guide to arrange your own creative answers. You may need to change some answers according to your needs.


(Here, the answer will vary from person to person.)





(Here, the answer may vary from person to person.)


(Here, the answer may vary from person to person.)


Bonus tips

Familiarize yourself with different types of general questions in Speaking Part 1. You can take Cambridge IELTS series books for instance. Just collect all the part 1 questions and arrange your answers taking help from posts like this one.

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Post your comments below if you like this article. If you face any difficulty regarding part 1 questions, you will be given solutions and suggestions for your improvement.

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