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IELTS Speaking Part 2: Cue card; A small business you would like to open; with notes & model answer

This IELTS speaking part 2 topic is a recent one and it is quite an easy topic card to talk about. Many of us have the dream to become a businessperson and we have plans to do or start it after our education is completed. The title of the topic card is “A small business you would like to open”. We need to talk about any business plan that we have in our mind. The model answer provided here is a band-8 standard. Hopefully, this sample answer will help you to prepare for the cue card and some other cards as well.

Notes on the topic card:

Me – my brother

After my post-grad

Food court – healthy food service

Near District Riverside Park – county of Western Borough

Contract with a master chef – 2 years – teach us

Need of healthy foods – pollution, pace of life, unconsciousness – people become sick,

Chance to enjoy healthy food; chance to explore foreign cuisine,


Model answer:

Thanks a lot for the topic card. My elder brother and I have been planning to start a small family business together after my post-graduation. We have been planning for the last couple of years. For this topic card, I’m going to talk about this business.

Since I am a student of health science and human health is my field of study, I have been planning to open a small ‘healthy food court’ in my locality. I shared this idea with my brother and being a gym instructor, he was quite excited to be part of this project. So, we have a plan to open a small 40-seat road-side food court next month in our county in Western borough which is attached to the District Riverside Park. We selected this place because a lot of health-conscious people visit the park and do exercise so the place is an ideal location for a healthy and hygienic food serving place.

I and my brother have been saving some money from our salaries for a small capital to start the business for the last 2 years. We need quite a handsome amount of money to open this food shop. We have already talked to a great chef who knows how to make healthy foods and he will sign a contract with us for the next 2 years. He will teach me, my brother and some of our staff how to prepare and serve healthy foods on demand. We also have a plan to open a take-away service along with the food court. I think this food court will blow away the mind of health-conscious people in our locality. This will be a dream-come-true moment for them when we announce the opening of the shop.

The reason for planning on such kind of food court is obvious. As I am a student of health science and my brother is a gym instructor, we have always felt the necessity of a healthy lifestyle and the importance of healthy foods in our locality. Nowadays, due to factors like pollution, unconsciousness, and pace of life, people are constantly suffering from various types of diseases. Food is one of the important things which can keep a person healthy and active. Foods rich in nutrition and energy also reduce the rate of using medicines. Physical exercise can’t fight different types of diseases if our body doesn’t get proper nutrition. So, our food court will give people of our locality not only a great chance to enjoy healthy foods but also an opportunity to explore healthy cuisines from different countries. Our take-away service will also become useful for busy people who can’t cook food for themselves. The foods will be made ready by our expert chef and they just need to order them and take them away. We have also thought about introducing a standard price-structure and agreed to keep the price as low as possible. I think this business will inspire other people to make a profit for themselves and at the same time serve the society. After all, food is the best thing that brings people together.

This is the end of the answer.

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