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IELTS Speaking: part 2, cue card, the importance of knowing how to cook; with model answer

This IELTS speaking part 2 topic is a recent one and it is a very easy one indeed. The title of the topic card is Talk about the importance of knowing how to cook”. Cooking is a very common matter and it is now considered an art form and directly related to the culture of a country. The answer provided here is a band-7 standard. Hopefully, this model answer will help you to prepare for the cue card and some other cards as well.

Here is a sample answer which can help you to prepare for this kind of topic card.

Model answer:

We live by taking food as it is one of the three essential necessities of life. We cannot survive without food and water. This is a fact that we have to cook most of the food items before we take them. So, this is understandable that knowing how to cook is extremely essential. Cooking not only adds taste to food but also makes it likable and digestible. Additionally, knowing how to cook makes a person self-reliant. He does not have to rely on others to satisfy his hunger. A person knowing how to cook can also add different flavors and tastes to his cooking which makes it more enjoyable.

Besides, living far away from his family, for the reason of work or study, a person will not face any problem with food as he or she is skilled in preparing his own food. Not only this, he can offer a treat to his friends with extraordinary dishes made by him and win their admiration and love. Cooking is considered an art and can be taken as a great profession as well. World-class chefs, like Gordon Ramsay, Peter Kuruvitta, Guy Fieri, Jamie Oliver, Vikas Khanna, have given a special touch of glamour to this art.

There is a general belief among us that women are better cooks if we compare men. Even, I used to believe so until my university years. It’s actually the way I was born and brought up in my part of the world where the kitchen is by and large dominated by females. However, this fact is now a myth as we observe many good male cooks in the hospitality and cuisine industry.

As far as the basics of good cooking go, there are a few things to know such as the essential ingredients and their right actual amount for the dish, the time taken to cook the dish, and the techniques applied to preserve the nutrition and food value. Most importantly, hygiene is a key factor for good cooking without which any best dish may become the most disgusting one.

If all these mentioned points are maintained, it is most likely that the prepared dish is going to be a very special and delicious one indeed.

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