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IELTS Speaking part 2 topic card: a lesson you enjoyed / an English lesson you remember

IELTS Speaking part 2 topic card: a lesson you enjoyed / an English lesson you remember

Hello everyone,

I’m going to share with you an interesting topic card which is quite common in IELTS speaking tests. It is known as An English Lesson You Enjoyed. You can find this topic in different forms like:

A lesson you took/ a memorable class/ an interesting class you remember/ Your most favorite English lesson/ An English course you took etc.

Now let’s take a look at the model answer I prepared for you.

Model answer:

First of all, thanks a lot for the task card. I am going to talk about an English lesson which I have taken during my school days. I was not very good at English Language. So, to get better English skills, I had to attend a few English classes.

Most of the lessons were not very noteworthy, apart from the one class which was very appealing and I liked attending that class a lot. Therefore, it would be a pleasure for me to share my experience of attending that pleasant lesson.

It was primarily a lesson in spoken English. But this lesson was unlike all other lessons. It’s because in this class grammar was given much importance and at the same time we learned English in a very funny and different way.  Our trainer was quite skilled to get our complete attention during her lecture. Her name was Miss Julie. In fact, she was one reason why I remember that English lesson so much. She used to tell us many stories and current matters of the world. The way she communicated with us in the class in simple English made me more interested in spoken English.

I learned an abundance of skills from this lesson. I got introduced to plentiful constructive tips and tricks on the way to develop my skills in speaking fluently and accurately. Additionally, she showed us some real-life examples of how people make silly mistakes in speaking and instructed us how not to do the same.

To be more precise, it was one of the most enjoyable lessons I have ever done. If you ask young learners about such classes, they generally say that the class is boring and not attractive. Some would say they feel sleepy in class time. In my case it was different. I was very lucky to take such a lesson. It improved my skills in English rapidly. Miss Julie’s teaching method was very remarkable. I still have a notebook for that lesson. I carry it everywhere. Whenever I make any mistake, I take a look at the notebook to correct myself. 

That’s all about my favorite English lesson which I enjoyed.

Here are some vocabularies with their meaning taken from this answer:

Noteworthy (adj.) – important, significant, momentous,

Appealing (adj.) – attractive, engaging,

Therefore (adv.) – as a result, for that reason, so,

Primarily (adv.) – mainly, generally, for the most part,

Unlike (adj.) – not like, dissimilar,

In fact (adj. phrase) – as a matter of fact, indeed, literally, really,

Communicate (v.) – give or exchange information/ideas, connect, correspond,

Abundance (n.) – great amount, supply

Plentiful (adj.) – ample, bountiful, abundant,

Fluently (adv.) – smoothly, placidly,

Accurately (adv.) – correctly, precisely, meticulously,

Additionally (adv.) – moreover, besides, furthermore, in addition,

Silly (adj.) – absurd, giddy, foolish,

Instruct (v.) – inform, teach, educate,

Precise (adj.) – exact, accurate,

Enjoyable (adj.) – amusing, gratifying, delightful, pleasant,

Boring (adj.) – uninteresting, humdrum, dull, tedious, monotonous, stale, stodgy,

Rapidly (adv.) – sharply, dramatically, swiftly, promptly, expeditiously,

Remarkable (adj.) – extraordinary, unusual, outstanding, impressive,

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