IELTS Reading Solve Classes: Complete course or individual modules or individual classes

IELTS Reading Solve Classes: Complete course or individual modules or individual classes

Here’s an opportunity for you to share your problems in IELTS Reading with me. You can book a one-to-one session/ group class with me where you have the opportunity to talk to me directly about all your problems related to IELTS Reading, Academic or General Training module. This means you can hire me as a guide or trainer and practice online. I’ll be happy to share my experience with you and provide you with the techniques and strategies that I followed to achieve my score in IELTS reading which was 8.0.

Hello, IELTS candidates!

Probably you’ve just hit the ‘IELTS Reading Solve Classes’ menu on my website! This means you’re probably struggling a lot and interested in connecting with me for a Reading solve-class.

So, what’s there in me that may help you achieve a good band score in IELTS Reading?

Here’s what you should know about me first.

I’ve spent the last 16 years developing the easiest solutions for IELTS Reading tests from Cambridge IELTS series books. This led me to create this website and now it has around 3,90,000 visitors every month.

As I was a student of English literature and language, it was my dream to reach people all over the world and try my best to help them prepare well for the IELTS exam.

I have some practical experience in teaching students of different levels and ages. I’m presently working as an IELTS and English language trainer in my city. I own a small learning center where I spend some time teaching IELTS candidates. I also provide some free coaching to students of poor financial backgrounds.

I believe my IELTS score Reading (8.0) has given me the courage to step forward and offer you 1-to-1 lessons in Reading module. I’ve already coached a big number of students in countries Canada, South Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, Russia, Azerbeijan, India etc.

My website is currently the only site in the world that provides detailed explanations to answers for every Reading question in Cambridge IELTS series books. It contains around 420 unique posts on Reading, Writing, and Speaking. The site has recently got much popularity and many IELTS candidates have suggested me to start online classes with interested people.

What will you get in these solve classes?

IELTS Reading solve class details:

  • This is a 1-to-1 session/group class. 
  • Each session takes about 1 and a half hours.
  • You can pre-arrange all your problems and send me before the session.
  • You can ask relevant questions regarding the Reading test, its structures, question types, time management.
  • I provide necessary ideas and plans on how to develop your reading skills.
  • I provide unique and practical approach to the IELTS Reading exam. 
  • I offer short lessons on important vocabulary within the lessons.
  • I offer band 7.0 – 8.0 strategies to solve questions easily.
  • I provide lessons from Cambridge series books only.
  • Cost:
  • Group class up to 5-10 students: US $3.5 (advanced payment).
  • 1-to-1 session: US $12 (advanced payment).

How to book IELTS Reading solve classes with me?

  • Use the ‘Contact Us’ form on my website. Find it on the Menu tab or Right sidebar.
  • Write to me explaining your present situation and the type of session you would like to join.
  • I’ll connect you within 24/48 hours and send you details about payment procedures.
  • Send your payment through PayPal, Western Union, Bkash (for Bangladesh only).
  • Start your session as soon as I get the payment through Facebook messenger, Google Meet, or Zoom.

How to send your money:

We accept money through the following methods. Just mail us to learn the details.

IELTS Writing Correction Service: Get your writings checked and improve further to higher scores

We treat each of our students like family. We help you believe in yourself. We help you gain confidence and find your weak points to convert them into strong points. 

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