From Image to editable Text: Best Methods to Turn JPG into Word

In this digital era, the need for converting images and documents takes place to the utmost extent. Most often, we are prone to conditions where we need to turn images, particularly JPG or JPEG, into editable and searchable text documents like MS Word. This is where an online JPG to Word converter can efficiently save your time and effort by simplifying the jpg to word conversion process without any hassle. 

Well, in this article, we are going to mention a couple of the best ways that allow you to convert JPG to an editable MS Word file without any hassle. You can find that these tools have gained popularity for their accuracy, ease of utility, and certain robust features. They all are mainly desired to seamlessly transform from images into editable MS Word documents while maintaining the layout and preserving the quality of the files.

SwifDoo PDF Converter

Get effortless jpg-to-word conversions with this full-fledged SwifDoo PDF converter. This is revealed as the most useful program that comes with a PDF converter, editor, and annotator. You can consider this platform for transforming PDF into any Office document format and vice versa. So, it’s workable to use a SwifDoo converter for turning a JPG image into PDF first, then simply transform it into an MS Word format.

Use SwifDoo to Convert JPG to Word

  • Make installation for SwifDoo on your PC and then simply launch it right there
  • Then, navigate to the PDF to Image and click on it to open the conversion window
  • Choose the Image to PDF option and then upload the JPG image file that you wish to convert
  • Click the Start button to start the conversion from a JPG file to a PDF format
  • Very next, you should have to open the PDF file in the SwifDoo PDF converter, and then choose PDF to Word for turning the PDF into Word format

Dedicated JPG to Word Converter

If you’re seeking a dedicated online OCR (Optical Character Recognition) converter for JPG to Word conversions, then you should have to start with the online converter. It is one of the best straight-forward and convenient ways for exporting jpg as a word with OCR. There are innumerable online tools for turning jpg into doc format, but we mention this because of its accuracy. 

The online converter is loaded with swift conversion speed, easy to navigate operating steps, and high-quality outcomes. 

Changing JPG to Word involves few simple steps including:

  • Open on your web-based browser and search for JPG to Word converter by using the Search bar
  • Make an instant click on the “+ Select Files” button, which lets you browse and upload the JPG images at once
  • Click Convert button after uploading and let this tool perform OCR-based JPG to Word conversion online
  • Download the all converted MS Word OCR files at once

Google Drive (Cloud Storage & File Sharing Source)

Get this easy to process and one of the best cloud services around the internet. You can find that this cloud storage provider patently functions for uploading and storing files. Besides that, it is capable of synchronizing the files automatically from the local folders as well as all Google products including Google Sheets, Google Docs, and more. 

Despite the process for storing files, it is capable for converting JPG to Word doc format swiftly:

  • Open Google Drive right now and log-in to your Google account that you already have or make a new one if don’t have
  • Once logged in, you have to make a click on the “New” for uploading your JPG files to GDrive
  • Simply make a right-click on the existing JPG image file and choose “Open with Google Docs”
  • At last, download the newly turned Docs file as an MS Word .docx document format


JPG to Word conversions take place in several conditions, no matter what you are prone to. These ways function efficiently to change one or more JPG or jPEG images at once into editable Microsoft Word documents.

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