How to Compose an Essay on Advertisement?

How to Compose an Essay on Advertisement?

If you need help with writing your essay on the ad, our quick guide is here to assist. Check out our simple tips to compose a winning paper.

Essay on Advertising: How-to Recommendations

The reality is that advertising is an integral part of our life. It is everywhere, as more and more products are produced and advertised every single day. Just think about it – there is nothing that is not being advertised today. Producing, advertising, and selling these days have turned into real psychological tactics rather than traditional product promotion.

Since the context of today’s advertising is vastly diverse, it’s no wonder college and university students are usually assigned to write essays on advertisements. To avoid confusion in the process of writing, check the provided below tips on how to complete this type of work. If nothing works, approach the companies like with the “Do my assignment” request. Online experts are available 24/7 to assist students in need.


In this section, you have to introduce the topic of your project. To start off, ensure to make your readers get a clear picture of what you are talking about. Define your topic or explain what exactly you’re planning to achieve and how your target audience will benefit. Even if your college tutor knows what product you’re writing your essay on, you still have to provide a strong introduction to your product. Make sure to introduce it as if you have it at hand.

Don’t think about what your readers already know about the product, you have to expose all details of it. What is more, you are supposed to uncover that specific subject of a matter based on which you’re discussing and analyzing the ad, tell your readers why the company made a TV commercial, and mention the descriptive point of the ad under analysis. If you cope with the steps we’ve just mentioned, you’ll automatically add the solid foundation of the essay’s effectiveness.

Body Paragraphs

Regardless of the nature of the advertisement, it always has a target audience. For that reason, you have to use your body paragraphs to clearly define the target individuals that might find the products interesting and even useful. Explain why the advertisement is popular and effective. Plus, make sure to provide examples of rhetorical appeals like logos, ethos, and pathos. The latter tend to evoke different emotions in readers and motivate them to purchase the product being advertised.

Check the examples of the body paragraph for the essay on advertising:

“The target of the advertisement is men. Hence, the key goal of it is to appeal to men’s emotions by influencing them. It’s no doubt, providing an exemplary image of a woman and its out-of-this-world smell will hook the audience.”

The advertisement that includes a sexuality strategy is always a win-win technique. The point is that the ads involving sexual themes tend to satisfy the tastes of both women and men. 


Having written the body paragraphs with ample evidence to support your thesis it is time to round off your paper. To do so, ensure to restate the key points discussed in the body section. Your conclusion should sum up all the important insights into the ad. What is more, it is important to mention whether you have attained all the objectives. A sample conclusion for the essay on advertising may look as follows:

“The advertisement of Mon Guerlain Eau de Parfum Intense with the Oscar-winning actress Angelina Jolie is powerful, as it makes a positive impression on the audience by persuading it that smelling like a Hollywood star is possible, and it will definitely hook people’s attention. The sexuality concepts appeal to both sexes. The ad of Mon Guerlain Eau de Parfum Intense has all elements of a successful and powerful commercial: a beautiful delicate woman will evoke men’s emotions, making them want their ladies to smell and look like Angelina Jolie. It’s no doubt, such an approach to making advertisements will 100% boost sales.”

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