IELTS Speaking Part 1: General questions on Changes in life, Extra-curricular activities, Social issues; with model answers

IELTS Speaking Part 1: General questions on Changes in life, Extra-curricular activities, Social issues; with model answers

This is the fourth set of general questions of IELTS Speaking Part 1 with example answers. If you wish to earn a good band score in the speaking module, you have to start with a great impression on the examiner’s mind and part 1 is the best place to do it. Practicing the general questions over and over again can make this possible. Here are some topic-based questions with model answers for Speaking Part 1, which, I think, will assist you a lot in your IELTS Speaking preparation. You can always add to or change the answer according to your situation.

Changes in our lives:

 (Here, the answers may vary from person to person.)

  • How has technology changed our lives in recent years?
  • Model Answer: Technology has revolutionized our lives in various ways. It has made communication faster and more convenient, simplified daily tasks, and provided access to a wealth of information at our fingertips.
  • Have you experienced any significant changes in your lifestyle recently?
  • Model Answer: Yes, I have experienced a significant change in my lifestyle recently. I switched to remote work, which has allowed me to have a more flexible schedule and work from the comfort of my home.
  • What are some positive changes that have occurred in society?
  • Model Answer: One positive change in society is the increasing awareness and action towards environmental conservation. People are now more conscious of sustainable practices, such as recycling and reducing plastic usage.
  • Do you think the pace of life has become faster compared to the past?
  • Model Answer: Yes, the pace of life has indeed become faster compared to the past. With the advancements in technology and globalization, there is a greater emphasis on productivity and efficiency, leading to a faster lifestyle.
  • How do you think people’s lives will change in the future?
  • Model Answer: In the future, I believe there will be even more reliance on technology, advancements in automation, and changes in the way we work. Additionally, sustainable practices and eco-friendly solutions will become more prominent.

Extra-curricular Activities:

 (Here, the answers may vary from person to person.)

  • Why do you think it is important for students to engage in extra-curricular activities?
  • Model Answer: Engaging in extra-curricular activities helps students develop essential skills beyond academics, such as teamwork, leadership, time management, and communication, which are valuable for personal and professional growth.
  • What extra-curricular activities do you enjoy the most?
  • Model Answer: I thoroughly enjoy playing the guitar as an extra-curricular activity. It allows me to express myself creatively and provides a sense of relaxation and joy.
  • Have you ever faced any challenges while participating in extra-curricular activities?
  • Model Answer: Yes, I have faced challenges while participating in extra-curricular activities, such as stage fright during a school drama performance. However, these challenges have helped me develop resilience and overcome my fears.
  • How do extra-curricular activities benefit students’ overall development?
  • Model Answer: Extra-curricular activities provide a well-rounded development by fostering social skills, boosting confidence, promoting physical fitness, and nurturing talents and interests outside of academics.
  • Do you think schools should encourage more extra-curricular activities?
  • Model Answer: Absolutely, schools should encourage more extra-curricular activities as they contribute to holistic development and create a well-balanced educational experience for students.

Common social issues:

 (Here, the answers may vary from person to person.)

  • What are some common environmental issues in your country?
  • Model Answer: Some common environmental issues in my country include air pollution, deforestation, water pollution, and waste management.
  • How can individuals contribute to addressing environmental issues?
  • Model Answer: Individuals can contribute by practicing sustainable habits such as conserving energy, reducing waste, recycling, and adopting eco-friendly practices in their daily lives.
  • What are some ways to promote equality in society?
  • Model Answer: Promoting equality in society can be done through education, raising awareness, challenging discriminatory practices, and ensuring equal opportunities for all individuals regardless of their gender, race, or socio-economic background.
  • How can we address the issue of poverty in our society?
  • Model Answer: Addressing poverty requires a multi-faceted approach involving government initiatives, education, skill development programs, job creation, and providing access to basic necessities and social welfare support.
  • Do you think social media has had any impact on social issues?
  • Model Answer: Yes, social media has had a significant impact on social issues by amplifying voices, spreading awareness, and facilitating social movements. It has provided a platform for discussions and collaborations on various social issues.

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