IELTS vocabulary: 26 most important and best IELTS words for Reading, Writing and Speaking

IELTS vocabulary: 26 most important and best IELTS words for Reading, Writing and Speaking

This IELTS post is about vocabulary enrichment. In this post, you will find 26 best words with 26 English letters which are directly related to IELTS and extremely important to develop your reading, writing, and speaking skills. It will also help you to achieve a successful band score in the IELTS exam if you can use them accurately. Here, you will find the word, its meaning with parts of speech and use in sentences.

IELTS vocabulary: 26 most important and best IELTS words for Reading, Writing and Speaking

A. Aesthetic (adj.) — of, relating to, or dealing with the beautiful > aesthetic theories,

artistic > a work of aesthetic value

pleasing in appearance > aesthetic features

His review made us wonder what kind of aesthetic taste the critic had.

B. Baneful (adj.) — deadly or causing distress; seriously harmful

Many of the youngsters are now ruined by the baneful habit of cocaine.

C. Castigate (v.) — to punish through public criticism

The minister castigated the bureaucrat for the delay in the implementation of the scheme.

D. Delineate (v.) — to outline; to describe

The government recently delineated the steps taken to control prices in the food market.

E. Equivocal (adj-) — doubtful; uncertain

The equivocal behavior of the authority caused uneasiness in the committee.

F. Fathom (v.) — to understand

It is always difficult for the part of the citizens to fathom why the government takes a delayed decision like this.

G. Gullible (adj.) — easily fooled

They were accused of selling overpriced items to gullible tourists.

H. Hyperbole (n.) — an exaggeration; not to be taken seriously

The alligator in the garden was 20 feet long, he told us with a measure of hyperbole.

I. Imminent (adj.) — likely to happen without delay

The clouds and sudden wind signaled the imminent storm.

J. Jeopardy (n.) — danger; peril

The firefighters and policemen routinely put their lives into jeopardy.

K. Knotty (adj.) — to be puzzling or hard to explain

The meeting among the board members was held in order to address some knotty issues in the company.

L. Liaison (n.) — connection; link

The union leader serves as a liaison between the workers and the owners of the company.

M. Mitigate (v.) — alleviate; lessen; soothe

The government has announced numerous schemes to mitigate the suffering of the poor.

N. Nugatory (adj.) — trifling; futile; insignificant

His contribution to the society is nugatory.

O. Obsolete (adj.) — out of date

Cassettes have become obsolete with the growing popularity of CDs and DVDs.

P. Philanthropy (n.) — charity; unselfishness

One of his philanthropies was the newly-built state-of-the-art recreation center for the homeless kids.

Q. Quarantine (n.) — isolation of a person to prevent the spread of disease

All the refugees were put under quarantine when they returned.

R. Relinquish (v.) — to let go; abandon

In the face of fierce criticism, he relinquished his position in the board.

S. Stagnant (adj.) — motionless; still; stable;

The stagnant water became a breeding place for mosquitoes.

T. Tumult (n.) — a noisy commotion; disturbance

The teacher had to shout to be heard over the tumult.

U. Uncanny (adj.) — of a strange nature; weird

She had an uncanny feeling about the matter.

V. Vacuous (adj.) — empty; lacking in ideas; stupid

He had a vacuous expression on his face.

W. Waive (v.) — to give up; to put off until later

Seeing his difficulty, the headmaster waived part of the fee for the course.

X. Xenophobia (n.) — fear of foreigners

He did not agree to study overseas because of the stories of violence due to xenophobia.

Y. Yore (n.) — time past, especially long past

I like the stories about the kings, queens, and princesses of yore.

Z. Zenith (n.) — point directly overhead in the sky; highest point

The zenith of his career came when he became the CEO.

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