Validity of IELTS Score: How Many Years Is It Valid For

Are you considering taking the IELTS exam so that you may live and work in an English-speaking state? We will provide you with comprehensive details regarding the IELTS examination. Expats and students have many questions regarding the system’s reliability, the best IELTS courses on Udemy, to prepare for this responsible exam. Self-education and choosing the right course to enhance your knowledge and skills are crucial. However, there are also general things you should know to succeed in preparing and passing the test. Read on to learn more.

The IELTS Exam: Essentials To Know

The International English Language Testing System is the full name of the test stated in the title. Those who want to work or reside in an English-speaking community may take this test to see how well they do in the language. More than three thousand American universities and colleges recognize the IELTS certificate. If you plan to settle in the United Kingdom, Australia, or Canada, consider taking IELTS. It’s a standard request on visa and immigration paperwork, and many institutions need it. Nowadays, you can enroll in online learning platforms like the free Udemy courses for IELTS to start your preparation for taking the exam.

How Many Variations Of The IELTS Exam Are There?

The IELTS comes in two distinct forms:

  • The IELTS Academic exam. It is designed for those who want to further their education in colleges and universities.
  • General Training IELTS. It is used to demonstrate proficiency in English for academic, professional, or immigration reasons.

Taking 2 hours and 45 minutes to complete, the IELTS consists of 4 sections:

  • 40 questions have to be answered throughout the listening section.
  • To pass the reading section, candidates need to complete 40 questions based on three distinct works.
  • Regarding writing, the applicant has to provide two separate texts ranging in length from 150 to 250 words.
  • Oral communication: you must speak with an examiner and respond to inquiries about his background, discuss a randomly selected topic, and expand on this discussion.

The validity of the IELTS score is beyond all doubt. Over 10,000 institutions, including schools, governments, immigration agencies, multinational corporations, and more, recognize IELTS scores.

When Do IELTS Scores Expire?

Let’s move to the main question. How many years IELTS is valid for? The IELTS score is typically valid for just two years to guarantee that a candidate’s skills after completing the test are comprehensive and up-to-date. IELTS scores generally are released between 5 and 7 days after the test. However, the legal standing of IELTS report forms varies from country to country. For example, in Australia, the validity of IELTS is extended to 3 years.

How To Get An Excellent Grade On The IELTS                                  

Now that you know how long is IELTS score valid, pay some attention to preparation tips.

The first step is to study the entire test features and requirements list. Examinees should familiarize themselves with the test’s schedule, duration, IELTS Validity period, format, and question types. If you are aware of all the organizational aspects and understand the structure, you will be easier to calculate your efforts. Knowing the types of jobs will help you navigate, find the weak spots and work them out.

Learn as many words as possible. Learning every single word in the English language is impossible. However, with repeated practice, a candidate might learn to recognize more words on the exam. Try different techniques to expand your vocabulary. For example, you can use associations to memorize more or learn all the words with one root at once.

The plan is a must. Thinking ahead is crucial for both the preparation phase and passing the test. First, spread your efforts evenly over the time you have. Concentrate on working out the things you feel you are weak at. Before putting thoughts on paper in English, pre-writing involves making notes and sketches. After doing some preliminary writing on the subject, you will deliver a short presentation for the speaking phase. So your notes will be extra helpful.

A constant regimen of rehearsal. Practicing is the foundation upon which the careers of all great individuals stand. You should always be on the lookout for new techniques to enhance your English language skills. As you already know, the IELTS expiry is 2 years in most countries. So one day, you will need to pass the test again and prove your knowledge again. So it’s better not to stop in your progress and learn English constantly.

Maintain a positive mind and consistency. Don’t let yourself fall into a panic or anxiety, even if something does not go according to your plan. Try to eat healthily, have enough sleep and exercise a few times a week. Remember that The power of consistency will help you in any situation. Do something every day to become closer to your aim, and eventually, you will achieve it.


To study, live, or work in a country where English is the primary language, you must first establish proficiency in the language. And the IELTS exam is one of the best ways to do that. These test results are recognized by most institutions abroad. Passing it once, you will prove your knowledge and skills in English for two years (in most countries). We hope that our pieces of advice will help you in realizing your goal.

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