IELTS Speaking Part 2: Topic card; a sport or exercise that you do for fitness; with two model answers

IELTS Speaking Part 2: Topic card; a sport or exercise that you do for fitness; with two model answers

This IELTS speaking part 2 topic is a very recent one, and it is a very easy topic card to talk about. We know many persons who do different jobs but some of them are quite exceptional in their jobs and we call them professionals. The title of the topic card is ‘Talk about a sport or exercise that you do for fitness’.  The two model answers provided here are band 7.5 standard.  Hopefully, these sample answers will help you to prepare for the cue card and some other cards as well.

Here’s the topic card:

IELTS Speaking Part 2: Topic card; a sport or exercise that you do for fitness; with two model answers

I’ve made two model answers for this cue card. Let’s have a look at them. 

Model answer no. 1: Performing Yoga

Nowadays, the fast pace of life is making us like machines and we simply don’t care much about our well-being. Doing some sort of physical exercise can remove many of our physical and mental problems which we have to deal with every day. I regularly perform yoga and I believe it is one of the best forms of physical exercise that anyone can start to do.

Yoga is an ancient form of freehand exercise which originated in my neighbouring country India. It has mostly seating and breathing exercises along with some major movements of the body. I have recently become a member of ‘Cure Together’ which is a yoga club. In this club, there are about 20 to 30 members of different age groups. Every morning at around 5.30 am we gather together in a big field which is in close vicinity of my house. We do this exercise for about one and a half-hour.

I think yoga is suitable for people of all ages, as I’ve already mentioned that it is a freehand exercise. So, we need not any heavy things or weights to do this kind of workout. Some of the members in our club do yoga since they have been suggested by their personal doctors as part of their medicine. Even I remember once when I had an accident and went to a doctor, she advised me to start yoga and told me that it would not only cure my illness but also provide me some mental peace.

Yoga helps people to rejuvenate and look physically attractive. My club members often share their stories of how yoga has helped them to achieve success. One of our young female members named Roshni had applied for a modeling job but she was refused as she didn’t have a photogenic look. Then she joined our club and after 6 months of doing yoga, she got her long-desired physical shape which inspired her to win a big modeling competition. This is definite proof that yoga can change our life in a positive way. 

I have a desk-job and this job has a detrimental effect on my physical and mental well-being. I had been suffering from back pain and high blood pressure. Moreover, I felt irritated and tired most of the time. After a couple of months of doing this exercise, I could feel a big positive difference in my body and mind. My back pain has vanished and my blood pressure is now under control. I also feel emotionally strong and all credit goes to this exercise. My mood is quite happy all the time now and I feel positive and energetic; I can also take as much work stress as I want. I recommend this exercise for people of all ages because I’m a direct beneficiary of this. I personally believe that yoga can act as a guide to success.

Thank you.

Model Answer no. 2: Strolling/ walking

Strolling or walking could be a great form of work out and involves less physical endeavors than any other customary shape of exercises. In the morning I do exercise on a regular basis to keep my body fit. So, I would like to talk about one of the foremost well-known shapes of exercise – strolling.

Strolling has a vast array of health benefits. It makes individuals fit and the most vital thing is that the walkers do not require any external tools to do the walk. In a word, it is helpful for people of all ages. We don’t need any fixed pace or distance to walk. Thus, after his or her necessity, a person may have a walk. Although a lot of people like such a form of exercise, ailing people cannot do this type of exercise without the prescription of a specialist.   

Well, I usually take the stroll within the early hours of the day and I do this each day and I’ve made this a rule. I do not have any physical or other problems, but I go for a walk to have a terrific opening for the day. More often than not, at the end of the week, I take a break from the walk. You know the weekend nights are as well stimulating in Thailand roads and hence I cannot get back at home earlier than midnight. Therefore, I like to take weekend breaks. But on all other days, I do not miss the walk and I have also formed a small group of morning walkers who join me. I have some neighbors and colleagues of different age groups who are also aware of their wellbeing and in this way we regularly walk on the street in and around my town.

In truth, strolling is the best form of freehand workout and it does not necessarily require any particular cause to perform and the benefits are more than we can even think about. I do walking in the morning with the intention that I can have a sound initiation of the day. I have the chance to breathe in the fresh air when I go out for the walk. Other than, the encompassing environment is quiet and calm. There are no traffics on the roads and all remains quiet that is not seen in the other times of the day.

As I do desk-job, I also have to sit in my office all the time and lack the necessary moves to burn calories that I take. In spite of the fact that the calories are not destructive presently, they contain the possibilities to influence me after a few years in case I do not care about them from now. For me to walk in the morning, this is clearly a vital matter.

Strolling in the morning helps me a lot to keep up my level of fitness. I have been walking for around two years and as a result, my weight is beneath control and the pulse takes after the customary rhythm whereas numerous of my colleagues have picked up weight as it were for their desk work though I have been fit as I was within the starting days of my work. Besides, the morning walk gives me more energy to feel refreshed and I feel fortunate to breathe within the new air. Ordinarily, the air is hot and contaminated within the hectic hours in this city and I as well cannot oversee sufficient spaces to walk expediently. For this reason, I have chosen the morning to get the walk. It gives me the power to tackle all the challenges at my office. Last but not least, I can consider clearly what I accept is the good thing about walking because it keeps my feelings cool all the time.

Thank you.

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