IELTS writing task 2: Debating topic (model answer with strategies and bonus tips)

IELTS Writing Task 2 has some very usual topics and today we are going to take a close look at a familiar topic of debatable issue. I have named this topic a debating or debatable issue because there is a clear controversy in the statement of the topic.

IELTS writing task 2: Debating topic (model answer with strategies and bonus tips)

First, look at the title below.

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

Attending a live performance (for example, a play, concert, or sporting event) is more enjoyable than watching the same event on television.

Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

When you read the title, it is clear to you that there are two opinions and they have strong points on their respective sides. Unlike an argumentative topic where some people have an opinion on one side and the other group of people has an opinion on the opposite side, in this topic, you have to support one side here and you have to do it at the very beginning of your writing (the introductory paragraph). Then, you have to throw your points to support the side with relevant examples and explanations. Thus, your ideas will flow in a systematic way.

After doing so, you also need to discuss the other side, but with a minor focus. This is my opinion. Many other experts will differ from my opinion. However, if you look at the title closely, you will understand that the task requirement is indicating you to take a side (Agree or Disagree). Now, if you discuss both points with equal focus, there is no need to agree or disagree with the topic. So, in my opinion, you should focus on one side and discuss the other side with minor attention.

Finally, you will write the conclusion where you will summarize what you have discussed earlier by focusing on the side you have taken.

Your paragraph sequencing will be as follows:


You will discuss the title and take a side (Agree point or disagree point).

For this topic, I’m taking the side of listening to music or watching sports on TV.

Body paragraph 1

Discuss at least three major points here. I’ll discuss points of relaxation, clear attention, learning environment, inexpensive way to enjoy, no weather condition problem etc.

Body paragraph 2

Here, I’ll discuss in brief points like enjoying music and watching celebrities at the same time. But, I’ll also focus on some disadvantages such as the negative after-effects of a concert or live events etc.


Here, I’ll echo whatever I’ve discussed earlier and finally comment positively on the side I’ve taken.

Now let’s take a look at the model answer which I’ve prepared for you.

Model answer

People generally get divided when they are asked whether they like to enjoy a live concert, watch a sporting event live, or go to a play and this is why this topic is a controversial one. Taking an intermediary position is possible here as both elevations are seemingly logical. However, I disagree with the issue because, from my point of view, enjoying any sporting event or musical program on TV is more fitting and comfortable.

As far as enjoying a sporting event, drama, or musical program on TV is concerned, it can carry many benefits. Chiefly, enjoyment is all about relaxing ourselves which is possible by means of television. There is no irritating sound, or whispering which can distract our attention from the event, match or play going on. Additionally, it saves our important time and money as we do not need to drive to the event place or buy a ticket. Moreover, many people face problems enjoying an event under stadium lights or concert sounds as it cannot be adjusted by the spectators. Besides, harsh weather is not a problem too. People can enjoy TV in their homes or apartments when there is heavy rainfall or snowfall outside.

On the other hand, attending a live performance also has some profits like people can get pleasure from the songs as they are in actual time. However, if the music or the sporting event creates intolerable and irritating sounds, the whole concept of enjoyment is at stake and sometimes it can lead to outrageous incidents. Frankly, a musical event or a sporting event has to be as less distracting as it can be. This is important if we really need to get the real pleasure. So, enjoying any event live is more irritating and distracting than enjoying it.

In fine, the discussion clearly indicates that though watching a sport or concert live gives some sort of pleasure to a good number of people, it creates more problems than enjoyment. For this reason, I firmly believe that enjoying any program on TV gives more pleasure and enjoyment and improves our power of understanding at the same time. (354 words)

Explanations of important vocabulary:

Concert: a public musical performance in which a number of singers or instrumentalists, or both, participate.

Controversial: relating to public dispute, disagreement or debate.

Intermediary: being between.

Elevations: sides, points

Fitting: appropriate

By means of: through, by way of

Irritating: annoying, frustrating

Distract: divert, turn away

Stadium: a sports arena, usually oval or horseshoe-shaped, with tiers of seats for spectators.

Spectators: persons who are present at and view a spectacle, display, or the like; members of an audience.

Harsh weather: bad weather.

Intolerable: unbearable, painful

Outrageous: shameful, offensive, disgraceful

Firmly: resolutely, definitely

I hope this post has helped you immensely in your IELTS Writing Task 2 preparation. If you have any queries regarding this kind of topics, please make sure you put your comments. I’ll answer you as soon as I get some comments.

Bonus Tips

Planning your essay is the key to a good band score. Many examinees do not get their expected band just because they fail to plan their writing. So, make a habit of planning your writing before you start to write your answer.

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