IELTS Speaking: Cambridge 11 Test 3; Topic card, a day when you thought the weather was perfect, with model answer

IELTS Speaking: Cambridge 11 Test 3; Topic card, a day when you thought the weather was perfect, with model answer

This post on IELTS Speaking deals with a common topic or task card which is taken from Cambridge 11 Test 3. The topic is ‘A day when you thought the weather was perfect’. It’s quite an interesting topic and a very easy one. The model answer that I’ve provided may help you to cover some other topic cards as well. Just follow the basic rules of speaking about a topic card, and hopefully, some practice on this topic card will help you to achieve your target score.

IELTS Speaking: Cambridge 11 Test 3; Topic card, a day when you thought the weather was perfect, with model answer

Take a close look at the topic card and think about some important points to cover when you answer the topic card.

Here are some points:

  • You can add some weather vocabulary in your answers such as tropical, sub-tropical, humid, temperature, temperate weather, climate, comfortable, stormy, sunny, hot, cold, etc.
  • You need to focus on the weather you prefer to talk about. Don’t talk about any weather condition where you have no knowledge in.
  • Use past tense here as the topic card asks you to talk about something that happened in the past.
  • Arrange your ideas according to the points given in the topic card.
  • Try to maintain the sequence of the points when you say.
  • Remember to talk for at least 2 minutes.

IELTS Speaking: Cambridge 11 Test 3; Topic card, a day when you thought the weather was perfect, with model answer

Model Answer:

Thank you very much for this task card. Weather is an important part of our day-to-day life. And today I’m going to talk about such weather which was perfect for me at that time.

The day I’m referring to was nearly a year ago. I along with some of my university mates had planned to have a day’s break from our daily classes. So, we planned to have a short trip to the nearby lake-side village. It was a well-known tourist spot with some exciting fishing and boating activities. But I wasn’t sure about the weather because it was raining when we were planning for the daybreak. One of my friends had a built-in weather forecast app on his smartphone and he told us that the next day it would be sunny with a gentle breeze. We felt relieved to hear that and agreed to execute our plan.

The following day we met in front of the university gate and I was happy to see the sun come out shining. It was really a different weather. It was indeed a sunny day but without all the heat and sweaty experience. We made our short trip of one hour to the lake village and booked a small holiday house for 14 people. As we went there early morning, we had a lot of time to do different things. First, we made a very interesting boat trip to the big lake. It was an amazing experience for us to be in touch with nature. I checked the temperature on my tab and it displayed that the temperature was 18 degrees Celsius. The weather forecast said that the weather on this day would be really comfortable and it would be a sunny day. I had a fear that it would be so because many times weather forecasts proved to be wrong. As there was rain the previous day, it was likely to be a stormy day. However, my fear was proved wrong and I was awfully delighted about it and enjoyed the boat trip. We also did some fishing with the rod and line. We took our breakfast on the boat. There were fruits, milk, honey, bread, and juice. I took some tea as well.

As the day was sunny and the village had some gaming facilities, we played cricket for a while. It was a lot of fun and we loved the game. After a couple of hours, we cooked our lunch together in the open air. We did some barbeques, cooked some special broth and some curries. We took our meals together and had a wonderful experience.  After that, we sang some songs and the gentle breeze made the afternoon a special one.

I went back home at around 4.30 pm but surprisingly I wasn’t much tired.  I took a hot shower and then did some study. Then I had some sleep. When I woke up I felt very fresh and enthusiastic.

This was one of my favorite memories to remember. Due to the outstanding weather condition, the whole day became a day of enjoyment for all of us. The sunny weather, cool breeze, enjoyable temperature, and semi-humid condition, all of these made the day a very comfortable and pleasant one.

This is the end of the answer.

This topic card answer may help you to cover the following topic cards too.

  • A memorable day that you remember
  • A day when you enjoyed a lot
  • A day with some exciting experience
  • An enjoyable day with friends or family members
  • A picnic day
  • Your favorite outdoor activities
  • An enjoyable weather
  • A weather condition throughout the day
  • A day without office work
  • A day outside of school

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