IELTS Speaking, cue card: Describe how you usually spend time with your friends

IELTS Speaking, cue card: Describe how you usually spend time with your friends

In IELTS Speaking Friends is a common topic. This post deals with a cue card that focuses on activities with friends in free or leisure time. If you practice this topic, it will be easy for you to talk fluently about some leisure activities as well. So, follow the model answers and make sure you put comments on the topic. If you have any queries regarding speaking, leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.

IELTS Speaking, cue card: Describe how you usually spend time with your friends

Sample Answer:

Thanks a lot for this topic card. I spend my leisure time differently. For this topic card, I am going to share with you how I spend time with my friends.

I have quite a large circle of friends. In this circle, we are 15 in number. Most of them are my classmates from my present institute. I also have some friends who are my buddies since childhood. I meet them at least thrice a week. But if I am too busy with my work purpose, I visit them once a week.

Every single time I meet with my friends, we spend hours discussing a good number of things and matters. Most of my friends are die-hard fans of football leagues around the world. So, discussing football matches and players is a very familiar topic among us. We also share our family matters, any current political or financial events, major changes in different aspects of the world, and so on. Sometimes our discussion turns into debates and arguments.  We also go for long drives together. Recently we’ve visited two European states. We visited Italy and Spain and visited many historical and natural beauties. We had lots of fun there and took many pictures in front of historical landmarks there. It was one of the most pleasant times we all ever had since the inception of our friendship. I shall recall it all my life.

Actually, I think I enjoy very much spending time with my friends.  Being amongst my friends means the world to me. I have very few things to hide from them. We can understand each other pretty quickly. We have strong confidence amongst us. This makes us a fierce unit that can conquer the world. All my friends are well-educated and very friendly people. So, spending time with them always benefits me as I still learn so many things from them.

Thank you.

This is the end of the answer.

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