IELTS Speaking Part 2: cue card/topic card [an outdoor activity that you did for the first time]

IELTS Speaking Part 2: cue card/ topic card; an outdoor activity that you did for the first time

This IELTS Speaking topic deals with an outdoor activity that you did for the first time. In IELTS Speaking Part 2, many IELTS candidates have found topics that ask them to talk about outdoor activities. So, the model answer that I have provided here focuses on a very common outdoor activity that is done all around the world. This answer will also allow you to make some other topics if you work out with this answer and make some small changes. Take a look at the use of different vocabulary and try to learn some new words from this sample answer.

IELTS Speaking Part 2: cue card/topic card [an outdoor activity that you did for the first time]

Model Answer:

Going out for a walk or doing some jogging, playing some games, or even attending or arranging a picnic with friends and family are some of the common outdoor activities that I have been doing since childhood in my community. But I still remember an outdoor activity that I did in my society for the first time ever was something unusual for me. So, I’m going to talk about it here.

A few years ago, when I was having a walk with my friends in Sheedi Park in my little community of Bahadurgarh, just on the outskirt of Delhi in India, I saw some of our local boys and men discussing something. Joining them we came to know that they were arranging an angling competition on the nearby lake. Some expert anglers from New Delhi would make a camp in the park and teach the locals some fishing techniques with rod and line for the next 3 days. After that, the contest will be arranged.

That day I felt so excited because fishing with rod and line was one of my favorite hobbies at that time. My friends and I went closer to the group and heard that the registration program was going on there and I instantly took the opportunity as all my friends knew about my passion and they encouraged me.

The next few days I learned some techniques of fishing like a professional angler from the people who were our trainers. It was quite a bit of fun practicing angling on the lake on six or seven boats. I learned about different kinds of bait, water levels, and how to measure what type of fish could be in which type of water.

On the competition day, I woke up early in the morning. As a local, I already knew some remarkable facts about the lake and my recent training gave me an extra advantage here. I took three of my friends and a judge from the competition and came to the right spot on a boat. There were about 40 competitors and I was the youngest among them. The whole morning, noon, and afternoon we did a lot of fishing. We were lucky enough because it was a sunny day with a gentle breeze on the lake. I still recall that I caught four medium-sized carp, some big climbing fishes, two snakeheads, and a big catfish.

The trainers were the chief judges. At the end of the competition, in the evening, the judges counted all the competitors’ scores and I was so happy that I became the second-best angler in the competition. My local counselor, who was the chief guest of the program, congratulated me and mentioned my name in his closing speech because it was my first day and I did really well. I looked at my friends and they were looking more excited than me. I was awarded 5000 rupees, a certificate, and a silver medal.

The angling trainers’ team gave me a special membership card and told me that they do it twice a month around different locations in Delhi. I had already made up my mind to join them again. The next few years I did quite a bit of fishing with them. I found the whole idea of angling very interesting and a good chance to meet new people and I felt very excited that we actually did it and the feeling of traveling the whole city to do angling was thrilling.

I would certainly suggest this activity to anyone skilled in angling as it would be a good exercise as well as a chance to know diverse people who have some universal interests.

Thank you.

That is the end of the answer.

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