IELTS Speaking Part 2: Topic card on 'A plant grown in your country' with best ideas, notes and model answer

IELTS Speaking Part 2: Topic card on ‘A plant grown in your country’ with best ideas, notes and model answer

This IELTS Speaking Part 2 or topic card is about ‘a plant grown in your country’. I’ve detailed some of the major points and explained some ideas or notes which you can use to answer this topic. You need to follow the directions and practice the answer a lot to have a clear idea about this topic card.

IELTS Speaking Part 2: Topic card on 'A plant grown in your country' with best ideas, notes and model answer

Ideas for answering this topic card:

To answer this topic card, select a common plant of your country. Do not choose something which is uncommon because this will make your answer difficult. Selecting a plant like rice or wheat may give you some good ideas to arrange your answers.

Take a look at the topic card points on which you have to arrange your answer.

  • For the first point: what the plant is

First, say that you are going to choose your plant from many options. Then give a very short description of the paddy plant.

  • For the second point: where it is grown

Give a detailed description of the places and conditions of growing this plant. You can detail some descriptions from your memory of visiting the countryside and watching people working in the paddy fields.

  • For the third point: why do you like or dislike it

Explain the reasons for liking this plant. Think about one or two major points and talk about them. Don’t say that you don’t like this plant because you cannot talk about the negative sides of a plant that produces food and helps your country’s economy. So, avoid saying any negative things about it.

  • For the fourth or final point: explain if it is important to your country and why

Explain the importance of this plant such as helpful for the economy, staple food, cash crop, etc. You can also talk about the scene in which fields of this plant create in the environment.

Now let’s have a look at the model answer.

Model Answer: 

There are many kinds of plants which grow in plenty in Vietnam. The paddy plant or rice plant is one of those very common plants which is grown all over our country. The farmers of our motherland grow it and it is cultivated in most of the places in our country. If you visit any typical Vietnamese countryside in the paddy season, you will discover this plant dancing with the wind. Rice is our staple food and we get rice from this paddy plant.

The paddy plant is a mid-size plant with thin and long green leaves. By and large, the rice seed is green in its first stage and turns into yellow when it is mature. Our country’s economy heavily depends on our rice production. Our country is one of the best places with good environment, soil, water, and fields that are favorable to produce a large amount of rice every year. There are a few conditions on which this plant grows well like sunlight, a good supply of water or irrigation, and quality seedlings.

As I live in a village, I often see these plants here but when I go to Hanoy, I miss the paddy fields a lot because urbanization doesn’t allow green paddy fields. I find this plant in every field in my village. Miles after miles farmers cultivate paddy plants and crave to get a good quantity of produce each time. Sometimes they get very bad days and the product cannot support their families. But in most cases, farmers get the best quality rice produced and they become happy. The paddy fields create a magical wave scene when the wind blows gently. They fill my heart with joy and if I become sad somehow, I like to sit by my window to enjoy the dancing of the paddy fields.

Another reason for liking it is that this plant provides us with our staple food which is rice. Not only the taste but also the food value of rice is quite good. Moreover, it is now a cash crop in our country. All the parts of this plant have value. We can even use the straw from this paddy plant to feed domestic animals like cows. We can also cook food from the fire produced by dry straws. Our precious economy depends largely on the successful production of rice. For all these reasons, in our country, this is almost certainly the most significant plant which we cultivate.

This is the end of the answer.

You should also be able to answer the following topic cards by taking help from this one.

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  2. Describe a common plant you had at your home
  3. Describe a crop grown in your country.
  4. Describe a common plant in your country.
  5. Describe a crop that is grown in different parts of the world.
  6. Describe a plant that is important for your country’s economy
  7. Describe a common food-producing plant

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