Important Tips for IELTS Reading module: how to deal with unknown words

Hello everyone, today I’m going to discuss a very important issue of the Reading module of the IELTS exam which is Unknown Words. After going through this short article of tips, I hope you won’t find it difficult to deal with unknown words. The tips are quite simple steps. Let’s begin.

Unknown words !!!

Oh God! What I’m going to do?

This is our initial reaction to unknown words. Whenever we start reading any article in English, we face this complication and we think that we are in a fix. Actually, handling unknown words are actually one of the major skills in the IELTS test, which not only shows the test taker’s deftness in the English language but also it often shows his brilliance in coping with pressure situations. So, the question is not how you can handle this issue. The question is how you can stop panicking if you face unknown or complex words. I’m going to show you some easy ways with which I achieved a band 8 score in IELTS Reading.

  1. Practice the Reading module every day.

This might look a bit boring to you. But this is probably the best way to handle unknown words. You have to keep cool, take a deep breath and then start working with Reading Passage 1 of an IELTS test. If you become frustrated, stop it for some time. Then start it again. Get used to it. After a few sessions, it will be gradually less painful and more enjoyable to you.

  1. Learn at least 5 new words every day.

This is another way to improve your skills in the IELTS cum English language. And, it is a real fun if you get used to it. Set a goal of learning at least 5 words. If you feel bored, don’t learn more. But, try to learn at least 5 words every day. By the word learn I mean that you learn the meaning and try to make at least a sentence with it.

  1. Recap all the new words once or twice a week.

Repeating new words can help you to refurbish your learning and make you confident. So, try to recap whatever words you have learned for the first time. You can do it by writing new sentences or using the words in writing new Writing Task 1 or Task 2.

  1. Read articles or topics on geography, the latest inventions, research, language, culture etc.

This might help you the most. If you find it boring or difficult to attend the IELTS Reading module, try reading articles on different current, historical, and technology-based issues. It gives you a good idea of article formation and unknown words.

  1. Make a list of all unknown words in a separate notebook.

I did it and I still do it! It is essential for you to remember what you have learned over the last couple of weeks or months. So, a notebook helps you the most in this respect. You can also use this notebook as a reference book in the future.

I hope you will follow these tips and get used to unknown words.

Remember, to achieve a good band in the Reading module, you have to face your fear of dealing with unknown words. Follow these steps like me and get a great band.

Happy IELTS!

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