IELTS Speaking Cue Card: A rule you did not like at school, with model answer and strategies

In this post, I am giving you strategies and a sample or model answer for an IELTS Speaking Part 2/ topic card/ cue card topic which is Describe a rule you did not like in school. This is a very significant topic card for IELTS Speaking and it appeared in several exams recently. Therefore, practicing this model answer can be extremely beneficial to you.

IELTS Speaking Cue Card: A rule I did not like at school, with model answer and strategies

Strategies for answering the topic:

This topic card wants you to talk about a rule which you did not like or enjoy in your school life.

There are four points on which you have to talk for two minutes. So, you need to think about every point and arrange your ideas in an easy way.

Try to add some important and catchy words which are related to this topic such as discipline, undisciplined, chaotic, skip, violate, annoying, pretty, boring, maintain, regulations, punished, activity, unfortunately, interest, benefits, furthermore etc.

When you speak, try to record your voice to have an understanding of how you sound. This will surely prepare you for a better oral test.

Make notes on the points when you are given 1 minute for note-taking. This is very important to arrange your ideas.

Now, let’s have a look at the model answer.

Model answer:

Rules are the most important aspects of an educational institute and there is no denial about that. Without rules and regulations, an institute or organization becomes indisciplined and chaotic. Yet, in our personal lives, we sometimes become bored and at some point, irritated at some rules imposed by the institute or organization. I had been a student of such a secondary school which has followed some rules which were at the core of its success in both academic results and co-curricular activities. Although, it was highly strict over an issue that I did not like at all.

I remember that we, as students, had to maintain an extremely tight schedule and we took 6 classes every day. I was always a sports enthusiast but I never liked music classes. It never attracted me at all. But I was bound to take this class and attend the class which seemed pretty annoying to me. If we didn’t attend the class, we were punished.

The reactions towards this music class were mixed among my classmates and friends. Some of the students thought that attending the music class was a good practice while the majority of the students were like me. In reality, most of the students in my class preferred sports to music. But all of the pupils had to maintain the official procedure strictly and if there were any defiance about following the regulations, authorities took strict measures as punishment for the students. Frequently, I have seen that many of the students were avoiding the music classes as they were unable together the meaning of the songs. A fun fact was that my classmates used to conceal themselves in the toilets and on different corners of the school from where they were able to avoid this class somehow.

Frankly speaking, I often violated the rule by trying to skip this class and I was quite successful to do so. One day, the guards caught me and took me to the Headmaster of my school. He rebuked me and gave me a long lecture on the benefits of listening to music. But, I still couldn’t find any sort of interest in it.

Maintaining discipline was not a problem for me. But unfortunately music class failed to create any sort of impression in my mind. I like music now, but it was not a fact in my school life. At that time I was more active in power sports and gaming that no other co-curricular activity could make any impression on me. Furthermore, I didn’t like my music teacher and the way he conducted the class. He was pretty boring to me. He also used to rebuke us without reason. His musical voice was more boring to me and my friends. For all these reasons, I didn’t like the rule of attending music class every day.

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