IELTS Speaking Topic Card: A house/ a flat/ an apartment that someone you know lives in

This post deals with a Cambridge IELTS 11 Test 1 Speaking Cue Card sample which is a house/ apartment that someone you know lives in. The model answer here is only one of many different answers. However, it is a very good one which I recommend you to follow. Pay attention to the use of language and vocabulary. You can also answer the following topic cards from this one like your favorite apartment, a house you like very much, An apartment you remember, a nice house that you visited, etc.

Model answer:

Thanks a lot for this topic card. I would like to talk about a very nice apartment situated in the northeast part of my hometown. I had the chance to visit it just a couple of days ago. It is one of my cousins who bought it a year ago. It is quite a big and elegant apartment.

Julie, my cousin, and her husband, Stephen, are both civil engineers. They met at their university and got married during their internship. After buying this apartment, they started to design it on their own. The apartment is located on the 5th floor of a ten-storied building. I can visit my cousins easily as it is only a 10-minute walk from my own apartment.

The apartment covers around 2600 square feet and consists of 3 bedrooms, one small dining hall, a store room, a large kitchen, and 3 bathrooms. It is quite spacious and in my opinion, it is very child-friendly. Children can play virtually anywhere in this apartment. I also like the interior color which is light green. Green is my favorite color. The balconies are pretty large and my cousin had put quite a few flower pots there which have improved the magnificence of the whole apartment.

Two of the rooms have attached bathrooms with them and there is very beautiful and expensive furniture from leading brands. As both my cousin and her husband are civil engineers, they have deposited every single effort to make this apartment look gorgeous. The big furniture is made of both wood and steel, and the contemporary and stylish design of most of the decorations offers a grand impression to any visitor who pays a visit to this place.

I am really fond of this apartment and I am planning to design my own apartment taking ideas from my cousin. This very apartment is impressively spacious. I haven’t got the chance to visit such a big apartment like this. The interior of the apartment is quite attractive. Moreover, all the rooms provide absolute solitude to the house members as they are not flanking each other. My sister, though a civil engineer, showed her mastery as an interior designer as well. For all these reasons, I don’t just like this apartment, I adore it.

That’s all.

You can answer the following topic cards using this one:

  1. A flat you like
  2. A house you love
  3. An apartment with modern decorations
  4. A flat with a beautiful interior
  5. A house with a stylish design
  6. Your dream-house
  7. A house or an apartment that inspires you

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