IELTS Speaking part 2, Topic Card: A writer you would like to meet

This is a post focusing on Cambridge IELTS 11 Test 2 Speaking Part 2. Here, I’ve prepared a model answer for the topic card section which is A writer you would like to meet. I hope you find the model answer useful. Take a close look at some of the unknown vocabulary and grammar patterns. Remember, to practice this cue card so that you can prepare your own answer to this topic card by adding changes to it.

IELTS Speaking part 2, Topic Card: A writer you would like to meet

Model Answer:

Thanks a lot for this topic card. Reading is one of my favorite hobbies. So, it is pretty natural that I have some favorite writers. Among them, I like Dan Brown the most. He is an American author of thriller fiction. He has become prominent for the creation of a character called Robert Langdon.

I first came to know about him during my college life. I had a passion to visit the library as much as I could. One day during my 12th-grade sessions in the college library, I came across a book named “The Da Vinci Code”. The book was extremely thrilling and I became so curious that I gulped every word of the book. Since then, there is no book by Dan Brown that I didn’t collect and read. I have read all the Robert Langdon series like “Angels and Daemons”, “The Da Vinci Code”, “The Lost Symbol”, “Inferno”, Origin” etc. All these thrillers have been adapted into films. He is, at present, one of the top-ranked writers of the present world. With his books, he has created history.

The first thing I would like to find out about him is how he creates the plot and how he connects the dots. In his books, there is always a code, a cryptogram, an anagram, a Morse code, and so on. I want to know how he knows so much and combines them in the same ground. It is very simple that he studies a lot. Because such a masterpiece like The Da Vinci Code cannot be written without having a profound knowledge of different books. So, I would like to ask him about how to study properly and accurately.

I would like to meet him and ask him some questions face to face. It’s a dream that I always dream of. I would like to meet him to ask him how he becomes inspired to write all those books which have thrilled millions of people. One more reason why I would like to meet him is that he was a teacher in his early life. I love and respect teachers.

That’s all. Thank you.

That’s the end of model answer.

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