IELTS Speaking, Topic card: a speech you heard; with model answer

Hello, everyone! Let’s have a look at IELTS speaking part 2 / cue card sample with a very nice answer. Here, we shall discuss a widely known topic and it is A speech that someone delivered and you heard. After having a look at the sample answer, you can change it and adjust it according to your choice.

IELTS Speaking, Topic card: a speech you heard

Model answer:

Thanks a lot for this topic card. Here, I am told to talk about a speech which I heard.

Since my childhood, I have heard countless speeches, lectures, and commentaries on different subjects and issues throughout diverse stages of my life, and among those speeches, one was given by my favorite teacher on the new students’ reception day. I consider this speech as the most influential one and I can still remember it word for word. The name of the teacher was Mr. Stephen Wright and he was about fifty years old just then. As incoming graduate students, we were very enthusiastic about the whole program.

Mr. Stephen was instructed by the Principal of our college to deliver his speech focusing on our forthcoming challenges in student life and future career. He was already a respected teacher for his teaching style, good attitude, humor, and sincerity. I also heard a rumor that he was chosen to be the principal of the college but refused to take over because he thought it would hamper his teaching due to administrative work.

As Mr. Stephen came to the stage, there was pin-drop silence in the auditorium where the program took place. Everybody was looking at him eagerly. I was amazed to enjoy the beginning of the speech. He started abruptly by telling a short story about his first day of college life. Then he smiled at us and told us about the differences between his time and ours. Thus, he began and continued to tell us about our present responsibility to family, friends, and the community.

Mr. Stephen then slowly moved on to some issues which I bore in my mind. He instructed us with his speech about our duties towards mankind. Besides, he told us not to harm anyone intentionally and to be honest and sincere in life. He also advised us to respect each other. Most importantly, he told us not to lose hope. It was the most impressive speech I have ever heard because of the use of language, presentation style, and relevance to the current trend of life.

The topics and his way of presenting them shook all of us deeply. Every single time I remember the speech my heart starts pounding. Enthusiasm shakes me immensely. As a young person, I had no idea that a simple person like him could go on so much to think about every aspect of life. The speech inspired me before and it still inspires me very much. Eventually, he became my favorite teacher of all time.

Thank you.

That’s the end of this sample answer.

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