IELTS Speaking Part 2: Cue card; describe a situation when you had to wake up early; with ideas, discussion, model answer & part 3 questions

This IELTS speaking part 2 topic is on a current matter that appeared in the exam, and it is quite an easy topic card to talk about. We wake up / get up early in the morning; some do it as a habit and others have to wake up for a special situation. The title of the topic card can be ‘Describe an occasion/activity when you got up extremely early’. You will find some discussions, ideas, a model answer, and some part 3 questions on the given topic card. Hopefully, this sample answers will help you to prepare for the cue card and some other cards as well.

Here’s the cue card/ topic card:

IELTS Speaking Part 2: Cue card; describe a situation when you had to wake up early; with ideas, discussion, model answer & part 3 questions

Waking up early is a great habit. It makes us physically fit and active. Often we cannot wake up early but sometimes in our life we are bound to wake up for some special occasions or a fun/serious activity. Here are some occasions/activities when we have to wake up early.

  • Enjoying the nature
  • Celebrating something special
  • Arranging a party
  • Going to a picnic
  • Catch a bus/flight etc.


Try to gather some information quickly to talk about the topic. Think about something unique and try to arrange some ideas around it. Use the hints/prompts in the cue/topic card to arrange your ideas.


  • When – a couple of years ago, early winter morning,
  • Why – attending a special wedding ceremony
  • What I did – woke up early, drove my own car, reached the destination in the afternoon, attended the function
  • Feelings – felt excited, after a long time, such experience, beautiful natural scenery, enjoyed the fresh air, enjoyed the sunrise,

Let’s see if these ideas help us in answering the topic card.

Model answer:

Thank you for the topic card. I personally love to wake up early in the morning. Doctors and health experts suggest that early rising is extremely beneficial for our health. When I was a student, I used to wake up in the early morning. However, after starting my career as a language teacher it has become difficult for me to get up early in the morning as sometimes I have to stay awake late at night. Nonetheless, I’m going to describe a recent situation when I had to wake up quite early in the morning.

It was a few years ago and I reckon it was – ummmm – late October, yes it was late October and I clearly remember it was the end of fall and start of early winter. I was invited by one of my students’ families to join a wedding ceremony in Chattagram, a South-eastern hilly area of my country. She was one of my most favourite students and I had a very strong relationship with her family. Her parents adored me and my wife so much that I could not rebuff the offer to join the ceremony. Moreover, my wife and my only son had never been to that part of my country. We live in the North-eastern side of Sylhet. So, we took the chance and decided to attend the ceremony.

Accordingly, we had to wake up very early on that Thursday. I woke up at four in the morning and after half an hour my wife got up from sleep. I took a hot shower and got ready. I told my wife to wake up our son and went to my garage to get my car ready for the journey. It was a long journey and so I had to check everything for our own safety. We started at dawn from our house. After many years I could enjoy the sunrise. It was such an exciting and unforgettable experience for both me and my wife. The nature looked so beautiful with dewdrops on the grass and tree leaves on both sides of the road. There wasn’t much traffic on the road as it was very early morning. We saw village people walking by the roadside and like us, they were also enjoying the misty morning. I could feel a big difference between the morning air and the regular daytime air as the morning air was so gentle and fresh. This morning experience was also quite different from other times because I was on a journey with my family.

I didn’t drive fast not only for the safety of my family but also I wanted to experience the nature of the early morning so that I could recall it later and share the experience with my near and dear ones. We reached our destination safely in the afternoon and attended the ceremony. We weren’t very tired as the experience of the journey was itself quite comforting.  

I think everyone should have such an experience in their life so that they can feel the importance of early rising.

Part 3 questions:

  • In which situations people wake up early?
  • How is waking up early help us?
  • Should little children wake up early? Why/ Why not?
  • Did people wake up early in the past?
  • Will people wake up late or early in the future?

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